Game Over Again!

On the first day the game was released on the Playstation, three of my friends and me were right there.
I’ve never played a game like this before. I’m usually the sports game guy. The game got all three of us hooked.
After a while, however, the game had massive problems and we stopped playing. Game Over!

then i rented a server with 20 slots for one year … so that we can start again and have it a bit in our hands. The settings were almost like on an official pvec. I had also opened a small forum for this purpose. As a developer I made a small web tool to do trading. I also hid a few signs with number codes for the other players on the map. The players could then submit this via the forum and received a prize for it (steel bars, gold, armor, etc.)
After two months the fun was over. The server had massive problems. I contacted G-Portal to solve the problem. About 6 clans played regularly on the server and unfortunately the problems remained even after a wipe.
G-Portal then moved the server. Everything was fine for two or three weeks, then an update came and we had massive problems again. Invisible opponents and stuttering were the norm. Same on a fresh empty server.
Some were mad at me if I didn’t restart the server immediately when there were problems again. However, the reboots didn’t do anything either.
After 7 months I decided not to extend the server beyond the year. Game over again!

My friends didn’t want to play it anymore, but I couldn’t quite get rid of it. I had all the DLC’s and we never managed to beat the game. So after my server went offline I decided to start fresh on a PVE-C that I was on for the first few weeks of Conan. I was playing solo and just wanted to build a good base and do as little as possible on the map alone. My hope was to get my friends back here someday.
So I built a base and gathered resources and just did what was necessary to unlock everything to have an easy start.

Then it started… the server got massive problems again and that led to the “Never ending loadingscreen story”
At some point you just couldn’t get in anymore and all my work was gone.
Game over again!

I started on another PVE-C and unfortunately the problem then spread to all other PVE-C servers as well. After these server types stopped working for almost a year, Siptah and the updates came out. I started on a PVE server…
Sometime after the PVE-C bug is fixed I’m back on my old server. I had a horse and two companions there. The rest had fallen into disrepair… for whatever reason…

I started again and built a base. Meanwhile I had a decay bug on my pve base. After 4 days everything was gone. Actually another game over! But I wasn’t upset about it as I preferred pve-c and I was glad the mode worked again.

So I built a base on the PVE-C and managed to get two of my friends back into the game (!three or for weeks ago!). Except for minor issues on my PS4, the game was stable and we played for hours almost every night.
We got companions and other pets to level up. Set up a second base because unfortunately mine didn’t have any purges. In order to get even better purges, I planned a base in the north.
I was just in the process of constructing it when it was destroyed by the admin yesterday.
Hmm ok… quite a bit of work gone in a second. So ok… no new base. But I already knew what was coming. I can’t log in today…
We weren’t finished with the game yet and we were already looking forward to the upcoming update. We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few weeks. But now it’s game over again!

We’re going to lose everything and then have to start all over again? I’ve been here in the forum for a while and I know the rules. They are not very precise and I have always tried to stick to them. We didn’t build bridges or anything like that. We had two functional bases. I was planning to give up one of them and move north. I have already asked via Zendesk what was wrong with the north base and am waiting for an answer.

It is very likely that I will return to this game at some point. Maybe i on my own rented server again if they are now running stably. But I will probably never see my friends play Conan again.
I’ve persuaded a fourth friend to finally buy the game over the last few weeks. Yesterday he bought a psn card… Luckily it hasn’t been redeemed yet, otherwise I would have had to pay him for the game :slight_smile:
This would be my third purchase of this game. I acquired it on disc and later digitally. I also own all the DLC’s and I’ve enjoyed checking in here daily and reading along with the discussions about the lore and everything else.
And now it’s all over and it makes me sad. The way that happened is even worse. In the end, I’ll probably never know what exactly the problem was.
I also know that I won’t get any help or an answer here, I just wanted to get rid of my frustration.

This makes no fun (com)


Suggestion: Play the game on PC.


Blog it! The length of your post is good for a blog post. You’ll have more freedom if you do. Here, you run into someone locking the thread because of the subject.

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This is your first problem. While Funcom does officially support the Playstation, it is inferior in so many ways. #1 being, you cannot host your own dedicated server on your own hardware.

This being the second problem. Arguably the bigger problem and closely tied into your first problem. While G Portal is the official server host for CE, the majority of their actual server hosts are trash. On paper, and technically speaking, they have decent hardware but it is all shared, and the server you are paying for is a vm with shared resources.

My advice,

Play CE on PC. Host your own dedicated server.


You are from Germany? Then join our private dedicated cluster team. :innocent:

I know that PC is the better solution… But I like to take my pad push the button and play on my PlayStation. Also I think it’s more fair because everyone has the same hardware… Expecting the next gen consoles at this moment. I was playing in performance mode and I had nearly no issues the last month. Sometimes it lags but not as I know from the past.

BTW I am sometimes 10h in front of my pc while coding and the PlayStation is a good change of place… Its dangerous to me that I have an idea minimize Conan and start coding :joy:
The only game on my pc is sim ctiy 4… Which I play since its out :rofl:

Long story short… I don’t see me playing Conan on pc. Even if they enable modding for playstation I would buy Conan for pc and try making mods but would still playing on PlayStation.

But I know you are right with your suggestion.
The same to the second one… Own server. It would be easy for me to get a realy good self hosted server nearly for free… But this is related to my PlayStation problem :joy:

I don’t know who was responsible for the problems I had on my server so I don’t want say anything bad about gportal. The support was fast and good. I had the feeling that they tried everything they could.

So however I will start this it will end on PlayStation and gportal… And my feeling tells me it ends with a game over again :sweat_smile:

I am sure they will get me with something in 3.0

Maybe I will restart my server project again. The domain is still mine :blush:

Plug your PC into a TV and sit back on the couch with a controller. You can even set Steam to launch at startup in big picture mode and use a controller. No one would even know your PC isn’t a console.



Pc is worse way more hackers and exploiters Lmaoo

I read a thread where @Barnes told that you are able to access the dB via FTP… So I checked my g portal account and I had some euros for a month so now I have a test server…
But because of Sony and privacy rules it’s not possible on PlayStation.
I take a second look in the thread and saw that branes told that few posts later :see_no_evil:

But it would be nice if I could access the db…
I do not understand why I can’t do this on private servers i rented. That’s not official and anybody who get to a private server should get an info about this and its ok

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Something about zendesk… I heard that there are no reactions from them. Also I got no when I asked for server restarts. But they did the server restart and I had no need for any answer.

But yesterday I asked why the base was wiped and today 9h ago I got an answer.
So me and my clan are banned for land claim.
I am not sure what exactly the problem was. But at least they had a fast reaction so I can not share the opinion from others here i read before.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much an umbrella reason that covers a lot of different possible reasons. I haven’t been banned (yet), but I would recommend getting back to them and requesting more information. Ask them if they can provide details about what kind of claim infraction and where, so you can try to avoid that in the future, if you intend to keep playing.

And if they give you the details and explanation is something you disagree with, at least you’ll have concrete information and be able to argue about it without falling into the same guessing game everyone here loves.

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I am not sure if someone read my message or its only a standard answer for banned people.

I was online while my new base was wiped. So I asked what was the problem and what I can do to prevent this in future. The ban is for 5 days. So when we came back there should all stuff still exists.
So is nothing wrong with this? and when we don’t build anything else so we have no more future problems? This is what I want to know but let us see what means 5 days… Maybe 5 days but we need two or three more server restarts like on the last event. And then all buildings are decayed.

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Like I said, I haven’t been yet, so I don’t have my own experience to share here. However, if I ever do get banned, I fully intend to insist until I get bored of it.

My theory is that when they receive a Zendesk ticket to ask for ban information, they just look up the general reason and reply with that. I don’t know if they even keep any details written anywhere, but I also haven’t seen anyone tell the story of how they insisted on getting those details.

In fact, judging from all the stories here, not many people even ask for ban information via Zendesk, and of those who do, a vanishingly small number ever bothers trying to go any further once they get the generic “you were banned for claim abuse” reply.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming players for not doing that. I have been reasonably vocal about my opinion that Funcom isn’t handling this properly and that they should be more transparent and include more details. But I still think it’s worth trying. It shouldn’t be our responsibility to do so, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

I’m not sure if you’re referring to your build or to the situation in general. If it’s the latter, there’s a lot wrong with it. Wiping someone’s stuff, and banning them, and not providing enough information on why or how to avoid repeating the incident, is absolutely not okay.

That’s why I’m also urging people to push back and insist on more info. There are only three options right now:

  1. accept the status quo and keep playing
  2. get pissed off and stop playing on officials
  3. push back as hard as we can

Thing is, the third option requires more work. “As hard as we can” means, unfortunately, expending unwanted effort to get as much weight behind our arguments as we can.

Again, it’s unwanted effort and shouldn’t be necessary and I sympathize with those who don’t want to do it, but that’s the ugly reality.

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I mean the builds. One base is on water in the east. This is my water castle i will never finish because it would be to big and I would need a bridge for the purge. This bridge I destroyed after the post from umbrols.

So we used this for the start because all stuff is there and we wanted a all in base at a good place. So we build one at the brimstone lake obelisk.

I had the idea to build a nemedian castle at the mounds of dead and give up the base in East.
I had placed foundations of the footprint I wanted to build. And at first a map room. Yesterday a week later I was continuing my work. Then puff and everything is gone…

The other bases still exists and I think they will be alive after the 5 days. So they are fine with the rules? That is what I need to know. And I will ask for it.

But how it comes that an admin wipes the smallest one while I am there? Is it because he was flying around and see me build there and make his sorcery to my base? And after this the ban?

Or maybe there was a report about a base from us and he came online and just checked the coordinates where i am and do his work. Maybe not this base was reported? And the others are a problem too but they never take a look at it.

I need to think a while about how to ask the right question to get the answer that will help me to understand.

Like you said we don’t know if the one who answers know any detail or if anybody knows any detail after the work is done…
And like I said… Do the admin know for what he is there?

I will try to get some more information.

I think it would be nice if the standard answers for the ban request would be with more details. The one who wipes a base could write some sentences which parts are not OK or making a screenshot or whatever.
It’s a little bit like when the police gives you a ticket for driving to fast but never telling you how fast you was how fast was allowed and the signs at the road don’t tell you how fast you can drive only say don’t drive to fast.

And the post from ubrols was very helpful but not enough. Its like a video of a car that driving to fast but still no speed limit

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I had the experience of being banned a couple of months after the new system went active. Mine was a ban without a wipe. I have not figured out why they mix and match the ban and wipe system because I know of people that got a wipe without a ban and people that have gotten both at the same time.

I found Zendesk to be very helpful as they had a conversation with me and were able to tell me which server (I play on 3) the problem was on and exactly what the problem was. They also allowed me to go back into the game and fix the problem which meant it was a 3 day ban and I kept everything. Upon login I took down the pieces that I saw as “purge lighting” and they saw as “claim spam”…I had circled my base with foundations, removed some so that I had 4-5 block spacing in between them and I had placed braziers on them so that I could see what I was fighting at night during a purge. So sometimes what makes sense to us as players does not make sense to FC.

The only person I was upset with was the person that reported me since all they had to do was talk to me about what they saw as a problem and it could have been fixed but I think my report was done for spiteful reasons which I will not go into here.


Thank you @NavyLily01.
This testimony of yours gives a reality of how things can be done if the player is cooperative and civil. Some players play long time in servers so they may have builded a bit more.
Or players like you, build to accept purge and allow the mechanics of the game to interfere on your build.
I am sick and tired to listen to chats that hey I pay for it and I will do what I want, or my build is smaller than the neighbors.
Players play this game without respect either to the game, either to the others. The worst is that they think that they own the official server. The cherry on the cake? I was playing lol and everyone was naming Riot, now in Conan they name Funcom, you know the F word. This I will never understand, never. You spend thousands hours in a game and the best that comes in your mind is F you company?
I don’t know, maybe I was a bad student in my life and F you is not a bad word after all, what can I say?


Nice to know that there is a so good response from zendesk.
My ban should be over today. So I don’t have Eni thing that decayed only the footprint of the new planed base was deleted by admin.

I hope I get some more details on my latest questions over zendesk.

My friends and I don’t want to be the bad guys. But we need to know what was the problem. Like I said I think I am on ok with this what uborls pictured in his thread about land claim.

I also saw that some more clans where banned and I can not understand why. There was two new clans they played the last weeks every day.

Now they are banned too and I hope they will come back. I hope they don’t lose all their work.
Also I hope they know what happened. Because the message didn’t say anything about you are banned or something in German. It looks like a normal error. So maybe they think something don’t work… Come back a week later and they never know they did something wrong and that they where banned.

I will try to get more information and if its OK for funcom I will share it here.

But I think they need another solution… Something like a message of the day for clans or playerids

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If we was the only clan I would think maybe they need the place at the mounds where I build for 3.0

I hope that everybody came back. That was realy a good time the last weeks. Nearly 24/7 there where around 15 players online at same time.

I ordered today a gaming pc… I saw I can get Conan for 5 euro for steam… So I will give it a try.

But the reason for the pc is that I need some more GPU ram for videoediting and I have played around with UE5.
As a fullstack developer who worked with c++ for a very long time the entry was realy easy.
I am surprised how cool the engine is…
That makes me understand how some things could work in Conan and why they are how they are. Specially i understand the problem with the privacy rules of playstation.

I don’t have any plans to produce a game and I realy don’t know what’s the best way… But the first thing i have coded in c++ was a websocket connection and a connector to a postgresql database…
I need to learn more about all and understand why a game like Conan use a sqlite database…

I had plans to play Conan over the long weekend here in Germany and that is what happened after they banned me… :rofl:


Why shouldn’t it? You don’t need a multi-user RDBMS for a game – there’s going to be only one user and only one process accessing it at a time. SQLite is simple, efficient, and performant. It’s made for use cases like this one. :man_shrugging: