Game Pace On A 1x

I am thinking of hopping back into officials but ive notice that the harvest rate is 1x instead of 2x and was wondering how long things will take as a solo on a 1x server?

I find the busier pve and pve-c servers always have someone willing to help you with starter tools, horse, saddle ect… with that I would say not long at all.

Without that starter help, still probably not too long. IMO, the 2x gather was so much better, but the 1x is still pretty easy to attain mats. Just a bit more grind.

Be aware that many officials are nearly unplayable. People build immense structures and set thralls and pets everywhere. I looked on several officials and it is a mess everywhere i was.

If you are experienced and know a good starting point you can very fast level a char. In a busy weekend you can be lvl 60 with a good thrall and good stuff even on 1x. You should early catch a foal and get a pet/thrall to convert as this takes much time on officials, and without horse you have a handicap.

What is your aim?

It depends what your playstyle is. You can easily Hit 60 in matter of hours, then your Grind can begin.

Siptah or Exiled lands?

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