Game pass fatal error

Thank you so much , this worked and now a friend is trying to uninstall his update on windows 10 , he is trying with KB5008212 i will update you if it works.

Edit : uninstall KB5008215 for windows 11 fixes the game
and KB5008212 for windows 10


Thanks for providing the number for Win 11 as well @fygaroo. It will help others for sure.

tengo el mismo problema, les aparece esto?

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lo único que quizá es distinto, es que yo tengo el Windows 11 puesto

me pasa lo mismo a mi también me deja jugar unos minutos hasta que se cierra

Do what @fygaroo and @Ephedrine says, uninstall “2021-12 Update Windows 11 Cumulative for x64-based Operating Systems (KB5008215)”

Or install the game on C: drive (works for me).

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yeeees, that was it, thank you very much everyone really

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Same thing… I’m afraid.

Windows isn’t giving me the option to uninstall KB8008215. not when I click on it nor when I right click

Yep, getting the same issue.
Just adding to this so Funcom see it and hopefully put out a patch.
I don’t want to be rolling back windows security updates.

I wonder whether this is really an issue with the game though or with game pass because the steam version works fine with the update.

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Yes, can confirm.

I had fatal errors just when the windows update came out, but turned out the fatal error was caused by the DyeMoreBetterer mod if anyone interested.

Thanks for the advice.
worked perfectly.
Uninstalled the KB8008212 (i have Win10)m restarted.

I tried to uninstall KB8008212 and I am still getting the fatal error, anyone know of any other workarounds? or is it hopeless till someone puts out a fix?

Do you run win10 or win11?

Win 10

so I don’t have KB8008212 but KB5008212 (I’m on wins 10), which I uninstalled but didn’t do anything

trying KB5009543 to see if it fixes it

Edit: it did not

I recall it taking weeks last time the game didn’t work well on PC under GamePass or play anywhere, any updates?