Game ruining bug

Everytime pvp time starts, nobody can harvest, damage or place structures down. Been happening in multiple pvp official servers. Happens the most in server 3600, it’s very active and this bug is killing the whole server.

Hey there,

Does this issue prevent PVP to be enabled at all, or just during a defined period of time?


its times are random, usually 3 hours after pvp starts then doesnt get fixed until server reset (sometimes it randomly comes off). and most importantly it doesnt prevent GOD DAMAGE or EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE. so as you can figure out for yourself, everyone is at a whim.

this will kill all the servers this bug occurs in, i promise you.

it has something to do with players are immune to this weapon type

like OP said. you cant mine attack animals or deal damage to other players or npcs

Also because of this, if I try to repair my Trebuchet, it too says Immune to this Tier of weapon. fml

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