Game shutting down after logoff issues?

Just something I have noticed lately; sporadically I will let the game shut itself down, or I will logoff and after a few hours I try to log back in and get a flag " Secret World is already running…", not a huge problem but I am not sure if this is a Win10 problem or is others having the same issue.

Not a huge problem to ctrl-alt-delete and TM the issue. Just curious if others are having a shutdown issue.

Thanks for reading and any replies.

Yes, noticed this happening quite often.

I’ve been wondering whether this has a common root with the infamous (and studiously ignored) bug which crashes the game 9 out 10 times when leaving the New York Raid.

Have never experienced the raid shut down before; that is curious though. What video card are you using? Might need an update to the drivers; had similar shutdowns before with corrupt drives for Radeon. Might be worth looking into.IMHO