Game slows down to a halt, freezes, pc crashes

I’ve been playing this game since 2008 with longer breaks in between. I’ve lately come back after 3 years to see how things are atm. I used to play this game on much worse hardware, than I have currently and I was able to play on very high settings and I would only turn world particles off during raids. Never have I had any stability issues, except for the classic errors, we’d all been accustomed to. The gameplay was smooth.
I logged in yesterday. I was at the trader. I wasn’t even running. I was just browsing the trader, my inventory, nothing special. Something I’ve done hundreds of times before on a worse hardware with same settings on full hd. Yesterday I had multiple slowdowns to a point, the game became unresponsive. My pc crashed 3 times and I was forced to make a hard reboot. I lowered the resolution to 1080p again, disabled shadows, lowered view distance, then dx 10 to dx 9 ( something I had never done on pc with gtx 280, gtx 295, gtx 8800 ) and now that I have 1070gtx, a system which is way ahead of system requirements, I can’t play this game at all, as it keeps crashing, or slows to a halt, freezes for 2 minutes and then let’s go for a while.
Then I went for a walk in conarch and the Fps was dropping to 15. I couldn’t even turn the camera, without it jumping around.
Wth has happened? Are you also experiencing this? Every other game like Witcher 3 for example runs smoothly on very high settings. I don’t have any issues with other games.
Is there anything in the settings that causes this?

I’d love to give this game another try, but I can’t even browse through my wares, let alone run around. Wth is going on?

Enable all the playable zones in the patcher (and download them) if you haven’t, and, if you are using DX10, download Low textures and, when that’s done, switch to High textures and play.

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Thanks, I’ll try. Only today, I’ve had to hard reboot my pc 3 times already, as alt ctrl del wouldn’t even work. I logged into tortage, I stand at the trader. First 2 minutes all fine, fps over 100. Then all of a sudden fps drops to 8, 17…then eveything stops. I wait 2-3 minutes and all goes back to normal. Then I try opening my inventory and bam…everything freezes and the only thing I can go is hard reboot again.
This is madness.

Are you using a custom UI?

if you have not down loaded “nvidia geforce experience” do so and a driver update that should fix most issues ect