Game still a POS?

Testing the waters, is the game still broken af? Not gonna spend a second in game until the obvious bugs that devs keep wanting evidence for is fixed. FYI, last time I logged in was I think May? June?


well next update they are gonna add a seperate client for testlive as well as pets. That so far that coming. Um you could poke around at private server to see if they got a content that you like oh and Pippi mod just got better and crazier. you can now make custom quest and NPC as such. At this point id would consider going with a private server with some mods and play with them. The base game is lacking for sure but with mods you can make its exetremely fun and addicting.

No, the game is not a POS. Then again, I’ve never thought that to begin with.


Games are like people. There are no perfect games, only games with the right kind of flaws.

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Eve Online has no flaws. Conan, BTW, is still a good game, even with flaws.

Very droll, Hal :slight_smile:

You’re right of course - the best you can hope for, whether in people or in games, is that they have no flaws you can’t live with (in addition to all the positives, of course).

To answer the OP: Some long-standing bugs are still present. Others are gone or mitigated.

In many ways the game feels as it always did: huge potential, but some fairly serious drawbacks. It still feels like if a critical mass of bugs would go away, so you didn’t always have the unpleasant** feeling anything you do could disappear in a moment*, it’d be one of the greatest games ever, certainly the best in its genre. Some would say that latter mark was already achieved, and they might be right, but only because the bar is not all that high.

*due to a bug or glitch or exploit run rampant - I’m not talking about losing things through regular gameplay, that’s to be expected.

**wanted to write n-i-g-g-l-i-n-g. Hint: It’s not a bad word!


Still plenty of bugs from EA and plenty more on top wait longer funcom is only bothering adding in thralls as pets (dumb idea as thralls dont even work) and tossing out overpriced reskin dlc than fixing bugs.

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If the game was too buggy/broken for you in June then I would have to assume you would still consider it a POS. The development/fix cycle is painfully slow and seems to break as much as it fixes. This game has some potential and unique things going for it but if it was not enough to keep you playing before I suggest you wait for the next patch to try to come back.


Yeah I’m burned out on potential, that’s been long gone. Thanks for the replies, I’m good off this ish for a bit

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Try checking again in December. The next big patch after the pets is primarily focused on fixing core elements, like AI and optimization. Both of those areas cause numerous bugs that should be ironed out.


If you have any examples of said bugs that would help us out a lot. Help us, so we can help you by fixing bugs :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s exactly why we’re taking our time with this one: to avoid needlessly breaking things.


And soon EVE will have no POSes either! LOL

But yeah, I’ve found Conan Exiles to be a fun game. Last bad game I played was superman on the N64 so my view maybe biases. I mean I actually liked and beat ET on the old 2600,so I know i’m crazy.

Maybe read the forums or do you whant me to put a giant wall of text here?

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“needlessly” does that mean sometimes you break stuff on purpose?

If you really want to debug code… Yes, sometimes you do break things horribly on purpose. This way you can place extra debug flags and the like into the code to pinpoint where the errors occur.

Yep…it’s still broken.

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yes there are some major issues that need to be worked out

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:fireworks: May 8th, 2019 will be a re-grand-opening! I feel myself and a lot of the community was willing to wait for it to bake more! Which is what it’s really doing now anyway, only the current way more people slide away. I have friends who want nothing more to do with this game due to bugs and crashes! Things are getting better, but the pace is too slow for many to care.


Yes, give us your giant wall of text please


I was referring to releasing the patch. The post sounded like they would release a patch quickly if it meant purposely breaking something else.