Game stops randomly

**Game mode:Online official
**Type of issue:Performance
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

I’ve bought the game today played like an hour or two, but the game keeps freezing or what not. basically I play for a minute or two then the game stops for like 5-10 seconds where nothing is working the picture freezes and the sound shutters, then it continues like nothing happened.
If not for this then the game would play quite well plss help me fix it

  1. random but i think it happens more when I’m near a lot of game objects like other peoples bases, but I might be wrong. it happend to me at the spawn are as well
    CPU FX8350
    GPU GTX960 - updated drivers
    RAM 2x4GB
    MoBo MS-7693
    Win 7

what settings are you playing on?
what’s VRAM on that GTX?

I went away for the weekend. I’ll post details when I get back.

total available video memory 5862 MB
Dedicated video memory 2048 MB
I’ve put the settings on low
motion blur off
vsync on

I found a guide on how to fix it and it never hapened since then, but I had to go to the confing file and disable all souns. Now the game works fine but there’s no sound. I want the sound back any chance to fix that?

I have seen such behavior on friend’s PC but it was related to VRAM, he had GPU with barely 1GB and old thing struggled, he updated and problem gone, you got 2GB so shouldn’t happen in your case

as for sound, I assume you use placeholder on your motherboard not real SPU? if so get yourself an audiotrak or other proper hardware, there are plenty to choose from

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