Game suggestions

Some suggestions

  1. Lockable chests and doors for clans so new members cant rob withought breaking it first
  2. Cloaks
  3. Npc hunting and raiding parties randomly roaming around the map (roaming\ hunting animals wolves, hyena, cats, apes)
  4. Use a branch or a rock as a weapon
  5. Market stalls or carts for displayable trading with a secured trade menu( also the ability to steal or raid from it
  6. Snow\ rain storms , fog, heat waves and cold snaps, that can last days
  7. Party option(shows members health and stamina, location on map, and an indicator on sceen to see who’s in your party
  8. More tent options
  9. Tabbed inventory crafting menu(construction/weapons/tool/survival?)
  10. Bigger more attentive thrall tribes(whole tribe attacks when a few members are killed
  11. More delving caves\ dungeons like the dregs
  12. Off hand weapon wielding
  13. Race specific starting bonuses +1 to stat
  14. A usable lantern like a torch
  15. A paint brush and bucket (reusable) for dying buildings
  16. Bigger thrall inventory for the bearer
  17. More random big monsters roaming around
  18. Make The weapon a npc is using lootable after killing them
  19. A “yell” emote to start with
  20. Cage thralls for breaking later

Thank you

  1. New recruit rank I think addresses this
  2. Last I heard, Funcom wasn’t going to add any cloaks
  3. Good idea
  4. Sure why not
  5. Good idea
  6. Good idea
  7. Funcom I believe said they were going to add this someday
  8. Sure why not
  9. Good idea
  10. Good idea
  11. They are adding several new dungeons over time, we’ll see what they are though
  12. It’s in test live right now? Shields and axes are getting new off hand attack combos
  13. Na, this can really make character creation less fun when you are limited to the ideal stat
  14. Good idea
  15. Sure why not
  16. Good idea
  17. Na, more life in general is fine but more world bosses, bleh. Unless you just mean more types of larger mobs like more elephants, then sure, why not.
  18. Mods for that, doubt Funcom will ever add it though for balance reasons.
  19. Uh, sure?
  20. Sure why not
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#15 re: painting/dying buildings … Funcom said no (there was a list compiled by Tascha, which I can not find now, that included this … and the comment next to it was that it had been considered by Funcom and was not going to be worked on)

Lots of good ideas/intentions. Pretty sure I read that roaming bands were off the table for reasons not unlike the not going to do mounts thing. Personally I would love having our own thrall merchants. I play PVE and that would make town dioramas awesome and usefull! While I agree added village aggro would be more immersive… it be a death sentence when you get mobbed. Being a solo player ( even at 60 with legendary gear) I’d hate to think of what would happen in some zones. It can get dicey when you pull 5 mobs now. Mostly I end up running off til I have just one or two following me. Party location options is something both parties and clans should have had at launch. Low levels don’t need tents. Get creative. I didn’t even craft my sandstorm mask til I was in my 30s. I honestly didn’t know much about it. You’d be surprised how many sheer seeming walls out there give you shelter. Tabbed inventory for console is badly needed. Who needs a branch or rock, thralls drop legs! They have taunt emotes that have you yelling, granted you may be yelling “Come and Die!” Maybe Races could have the bonus of turning thralls of your own race quicker? I absolutley don’t need more bad weather options. I am sick and tired of days of rain and drabness in the jungle and in the west Highlands as it is. Maybe they should add a blizzard up north that is similar to sandstorm in south? Bearer is the dumbest thing ever without actually being able to hold more. Good list.

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