Game Tech Hardware and How it Relates to Conan Exiles (For the Tech Savvy or Interested)

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Hi folks

So I know some of you have wanted to push that B.S. Button on some of my prior posts. Whether you are programmer or such in your daily job or perhaps you would like to be a solid engineer after graduating Uni/College.

On these forums there is a ton of misinformation by ‘Players’ that think they know what is what because of their day job. Sure Funcom is responsible for this game and some of the really strange things that happen within it. No need for so much infuriating hate as drips in this forum but at the end of the day Funcom did make Fundamental Mistakes at the foundations of how Conan Exiles was developed. Fact.

However! I am here to help people understand from an Engineering Point Of View. These are things I deal with on a daily basis in not just UE4, previously (more so) in Unity, VisualStudio C/C++/C#/VBA, Python, Horner APG, Rockwell Software, Schneider Unity Pro XL…and a host of various software used in industry. As a Systems Engineer I have to solve complex relationships which is exactly what a Game Developer does.

Please have a look at this video. It is related to Epic’s UE5 Tech Demo Reveal but especially this first video by the Sony folks goes into some spot on technical details as to How Data Is Analyzed And Transported on the PlayStation but applies to any hardware. It also is simple to grasp where we are heading in terms of hardware and Entertainment Visual Value.

This heavily applies to Conan Exiles Optimization. Not such an easy task with HOW this game was developed at its Foundation. Watch and Enjoy. Easy to watch too!

Cheers and Have a Great Weekend.


Interesting thread.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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