Game totally unplayable (failed to login, please restart or try again later

launch game and all i get is :

tried restarting , tried rebooting the whole pc, tried restarting the steam thing., and nothing.

ran out of ideas

I’m having the exact same - figured it was Win7 related (since most problems I run into seem to be :wink: )

same issue

i am on win10, so its not your windows

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This is due to Steam being currently down, as we use their authentication services.

When these downtimes happen they usually last for a short duration, so the service should be coming up soon.


I am also having the same issue.

Doh! - Didn’t think to check there. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait on Valve.

Thanks for the response! Hopefully it can get back up and running soon!

thanks bud,. says it is now up but the error is still happening.

i am guessing they will take a bit of time before their aunthetication services are back online?

This should be the case, we’ve detected some issues accessing their connection manager servers, that is causing WebAPI errors which can be verified by the following line in the game log:

LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: Login failed: Failed to connect to Steam WebAPI GetUserInfo: Timeout.

In short, despite their services showing as online it usually takes a while for everything to get up and running after a downtime period.

The login should now be working according to our latest verifications.


I’m able to log in now, so hopefully everyone else is able to as well.

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Yep - I’m in too. Hopefully it’s good for all :slight_smile:
Thanks @Hugo for the reassurances (and saving me from updating my outdated OS :wink: )

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