Game unresponsive with no lag?

I’m really not sure what this is called or how to reproduce this, but I’ve had an issue appear for the first time since I’ve run the game. Aside from the horrendous rubber banding issue that plagues us all next to load lag, this is a new one for me.

Example: A deer is my target. I go to kill it. I hit it and I know it’s dead, yet it keeps walking and ignores me. Then it teleports back to when I made contact with it and it just dies.

Example 2: I try to use recipes or put things in a chest and the game just doesn’t do what I tell it to. It hangs and then will finally place those selected items where I told them to go.

I’m not really sure what this is called so finding a solution has been impossible for me.

If anyone has any insight on what this is and how I can try to deal with this, please let me know. It’s making the game extremely unenjoyable.

Hi @Fengzhou

Is this issue occurring on one of our official servers, private servers or single-player mode?
Also are you using any mods in game?

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