Game updates - Dear Dev's - Limiting Number

Dear Developers.

May I suggest, solving one of the biggest real issues many players have. The massive amount up updates and patches is horror for anyone trying to play. We love the game and want to play.

Please reduce the number of update.

I would suggest Quarterly updates release the patches, new content et al.

This would allow you to ensure time to have a clean update and for the players to not walk away after the 3rd, 4 th or 5th change in one week. It is torture to spend 6 hours downloading only to find it corupt and wasting a full day many times a month.

This will help the Moders work on new content and not always fixing.
Gamers to play
Dev to release quality.

Thank you for your consideration.

I would have to disagree with your idea. First the data behind my reason:

Since Isle of Siptah has been released (May 26th) Patch 2.4.4, there has not been many patches. Only 4.

I exclude any (5) hotfixes (June 3rd, June 14th, June 30th, September 8th, September 23rd) since they are bug/exploit fixes.

  1. June 24th - 2.4.6 Patch (NEW: Single Player Transfers, Twitch awards, Modding table additions)
  2. August 19th - 2.5 Patch (NEW: Blacklisting feats, New Claw Weapons, Small Animal Pen, New Server Settings, Frostsmithing added weapons, Sheathed weapons, Dual Axes weapon archtype, Zath Religion, Heirs of the Northbanner-feat teacher, Server Transfers)
  3. September 1 (mostly a bug fix patch but I would generously put it as a patch since they had 1 new minor item/feature) 2.5.1 (NEW: Server setting to control the use of font formatting in the chat window)
  4. October 21 2.6 Patch (no need to put a recap of new items/features)

So since end of May there has been 4 patches that added new items/features, and 5 patches of hotfixes for the PC. Overall, less than 1 patch a month or average of 2 patches with Hotfixes included per month.

Hotfixes are required no matter the timing since they are fixing some major bug or issue for players. To wait for 3 months for a fix that could be released early, does not make much sense. The patches even if I include 2.5.1 which really was a hotfix patch, barely occur once a month.

Patches that may break a mod is usually major patches such as 2.4, 2.5, etc. 2.6 amazingly, Funcom did a great job and only 1 mod out of 48 mods I use on my servers broke. Which is being fixed and most likely posted today.

Majority of the small patches, do not hurt mods since they usually not adding anything that is not in the major patch already. 2.4.6 was just turning on transfers for Single players which the mechanism was already in the game from a previous patch.

So, keeping a system to releasing hotfixes when necessary should not change. Nor, a bigger patch once a month or other month is fine. Why hold it off for 3 months when its ready to be released.

ADDED NOTE: This patch felt bigger because there was a DLC attached to it. Technically speaking including Siptah, since most had it in Sept 2020, we haven’t had a DLC for 12+ months before this was released. So there was a huge dry spell in that regard. Used to be more per year, 4 in 2018, 5 in 2019, 2 in 2020 and 1 this year.


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