Game wont Launch on 11700k

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: wont launch
Server type: all
Region: EU
Mods?: no
Edition: [ Select one: Steam | Microsoft Store | Game Pass ]

Bug Description:

I downdloaded game from xbox game pass, i have a 11700k and 3080ti and i did the tutorial on pin, 1 day played but only 1 day, after that when i open the game i can ear the sound of game like 1s and then insta close

I have a problem too, I download it with the game pass and now every time I launch the game I have a connection to funcom services that never stops

I DID LIKE 17 TIMES AND ITS 105GB ITS ANNOYING, i guess u dont want to i play this game

Did you try this?

Since I have a RTX 3090 + i9 9900k and the game works fine for me I doubt it’s related to the newest GPUs from NVidia and should rather be an issue with the latest CPUs from Intel.

yes ii nothing happens

well you can thank Intel for forcing 4 years into 1

what they basically did starting 2021 was compression of availability and and product lifetime normally allocated in 4 years period, into 1 year, turning years to quarters, as cherry on top they wrecked total havoc with partners by simply not providing regular blueprints and data, telling ODM’s they’re on their own and they have to meet contract requirements anyway, meaning new products lineup in quarter basis (instead of yearly basis) and to hell with R&D and QA no time for that nonsense.

so, again, thank Intel

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