Game won't start at first

Game mode: Online
Problem:Game don’t start at first go
Region: Australia

Not sure if anyone else has this problem, I have a digital copy of this game and every time I try to start the game, first time I turn Xbox on, it goes to the main screen and several seconds later I get an error message that ‘‘game take too long to start’’. I have to click on close so it goes back to dashboard. I immediately start the game again and never a problem at second go.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Turn Xbox on
2.Try to start game (Digital copy)
3.Error message appears, goes back to dashboard
4.Second try, no problem

For me this happens most, if other updates are running. Try to be a bit more patient before starting the game :slight_smile:
But in common - no, this does not happen very frequently.

I did try to ‘wait a few minutes’ and it did work. Thx

You are welcome. I experienced this also with a couple of other games and found the hard disk being busy with updates and/or xbox startup tasks as reason.

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