Gamepedia Delving Bench playing hidden stream

starting 7.11.2020 this page has been playing a shooter game stream for hours, no player window or box, no video, just sound.

I just checked and it looks like the stream is playing through an ad on the page which does have video and a player at the very top, some kind of donation/ad thing. I never saw it before cause of my adblocker. That being said nothing will be done by posting here as Funcom has nothing to do with the site, its a player-run and maintained website with no ties to Funcom themselves afaik.

If you go on the website itself they have a “Report a bad ad” page on there so your best bet is to use that.

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I was just wondering as it’s the first time this ever happens. Maybe the sound managed to go through my adblocker.

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I suspected as much. I also use an adblocker so I wasn’t seeing it either.

On a side note, it’s kind of sad that adblockers have become a necessity. I completely understand websites needing ad revenue and didn’t use one for years for that reason. But I had to start using one when the ads became so intrusive and annoying on most websites that they were actually completely blocking access to the website’s content. Not to mention all the pings I started getting from my antivirus software as time went on.

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