Gameplay can be very frustrating at times


Was going to the dregs. I ended up dying inside. Want to get back to my body. fist attempt, was killed since all the NPCs at the gate had respawened. second attempt, could not get the NPC to get on the gateway where the blood has to fall. Finally, pulled another NPC to the gateway and the system locked up. Needless to say, that killed me! Now, there are multiple NPC’s hovering over my corpse and I cannot get back to it, easily. Just very frustrating when trying to get my gear back and once I made it, the game locks up. I had even made more heavy armor so that I could get by the guards. This incident is bad. I am playing on a PC.

UPDATE: to make things worse. Made it back into the Dregs and now my corpse is no longer in the dregs and I lost all my inventory! Very unfortunate.

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If you take the route behind the dregs entrance, you can manage to pull only two.


Hey Ord3rup,

I understand the frustration. We’ve all had a bad situation where you can’t recover. It’s the worst feeling when you lose everything and can’t get it back.

Unfortunately, that stuff is gone now. The best I can suggest is to move forward. Take a night off and regroup your thoughts, then make a plan for where to go from there. Build up again, try a new strategy, or maybe find some friends to come help you out. That’s always the safest bet; strength in numbers. It sucks when it feels like you’re being pushed back, but it will help you become even better in the long run, just have faith.


You tottaly cover me, bravo my friend nice advices.:+1:
Now to our new friend. Welcome to the family and the game. Do know that no matter what you loose, you will never loose your knowledge. This is the most important thing in the game. Be sure that one day you will laugh with the frustration you feel today and this is a guarantee. Keep playing, keep loosing, this is the only way to get knowledge. A day will come that only lags will defeat you. :wink:

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I feel your pain .did that 100 times and almost quit the game . then realized I could turn off “lose all on death”.I still die a lot .mostly due to lag . but now i don’t have to grind for hours to get the materials to remake all my weapons and armors.especially legendary stuff.

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I’ve been exactly in this position. I quickly learned that you need to plan the dungeon expeditions especially if you are playing solo. I place a crate with emergency gear/consumables nearby so I don’t have to do the naked run. Doesn’t have to be top end gear but you need some armor and a weapons plus some regen food and maybe herbal tea or alloa potion. Just running back in naked is a recipe for disaster.

Also, don’t bring legendaries or anything that you aren’t willing to lose. My Musashi black blade only goes in once I feel very comfortable with the layout and the mechanics. Otherwise it’s just a normal katana on the trip.

Dregs is only the start. You should look at it as a learning opportunity. Even when you prepare bad things will happen. Regroup, learn and try again. Once you are 60 with a good base and some crafting chains established you can pump out heavy armors and cheap flawless weapons and it won’t be as painful.

Since you are going to find the Abysmal Remnant, some tips:

1- if you are struggling with the tribals outside, it might be too early to fight such boss. It has around 4k hp and your starter weapons will break before killing it.

2- use a shield! Unless you are playing with <80 ping, his projectile attack will hit you no matter how far you run. And it hurts a lot. The shield blocks most of his attacks, except one.

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