Gameplay issues I've detected

I have a list of things I noticed wrong with Conan Exiles after I returned to playing the game. I play via Steam, and I tested in single player to eliminate the risk of server lag. So server lag is not the issue.

1: Then armed with the truncheon and I go to knock out a wild human enemy, I noticed even when within melee range while using the targeting function, my attacks somehow all miss. This is a serious issue.

2: I noticed that thralls armed with stun weapons such as the truncheon, blunted spears, and blunted arrows, no longer deal stun damage. This is a serious matter, especially when playing alone in single player and not using co-op. Thralls armed with stun weapons should be dealing stun damage, and not watching a group of 10-20 thralls with truncheons being wiped out by a single enemy whom happens to just have a stone weapon in some anime badassery moment…

So far these are the top 2 issues I’ve noticed. I also noticed enemy NPCs somehow deal damage at a distance beyond the length or their weapon, when player tamed thralls somehow have shorter reach than a player. I also noticed that some older weapons as a player, they do not apply the effect they usually apply as frequently anymore when used against NPCs.

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