Gamers G-Spot, Freshly wiped March 8th (PC, EU, PvP)

Gamers G-Spot welcome you all to join our modded PvP server. We are a small, dedicated and mature community, who are now relaunching our server and making it publicly available. To extend the gameplay, we have decided to use mods, for the first time in our Conan history.

The server will contain an Arena and marketplace, and we made a Pippi warp so everyone can fast travel to it. The Arena will occasionally host events, and is free to use, in case you need to work out your issues with some other player. It is however, strictly forbidden to damage/destroy the building.

The marketplace will be hosting Thespians. Every Solo player or Clan will be given 1 free Thespian upon request, to use as merchant in the marketplace. This way, everyone can sell of their surplus.

Server will not be wiped, unless the majority of the community votes in favor of a wipe!

Server will be available on March the 8th. Find it in Conan Server browser: “Gamers G-Spot, Freshly wiped March 8th”

Direct Connect:

Server is configured with 70 slots and a tick rate of 60. (We might increase the tick rate in the future, depending on server load). Please update your ini files to take advantage of the this. You can find the guide to do so, on our Discord.

The server is run with the following mods:

  • Pippi
  • Age of Calamitous

And the following settings:

  • Fulltime PvP
  • Building damage, avatars and purge is limited to: weekdays 19.00-23.00 and weekends: 15.00-23.59 GMT+1
  • Harvest 300%
  • Ressource Respawn 300%
  • Clan max size 6
  • Building decay and land claim notifications are disabled. (Admins will occasionally do spring cleaning, and remove abandoned structures)

For the techies:

The server is run on dedicated hardware with dual Xeon 2.3Ghz E5-2630 (24 logical cores!) with 128Gb ram, connected to a 600/600mbit connection. Game server is auto-restarted every day at 06.00 GMT+1 (Approx. 3 minutes), and server is auto-rebooted every other Wednesday at 04.00 GMT+1 (Turnaround depending on updates).

All the boring stuff that goes without saying, but here it is:

  • Griefing, spamming, hatred, discrimination, harassment, advertising or any kind of offensive behavior, are strictly forbidden.
  • Player names has to be unique and readable, and be compliant with the above.
  • We have zero tolerance for cheaters, bug exploiters, hackers and so forth. Permaban will happen instantly.
  • Blocking POIs, NPCs, Obelisks and other crucial elements are forbidden.
  • Land claiming is not allowed, spamming areas around your base with foundations will result in warning and the removal of spamming structures. It is however, legal to build outposts.
  • Each clan or solo player, is only allowed to build one (1) vault.
  • In short, don’t be a dick!

Gamers G-Spot is also hosting other gameservers. Join us at our FB page ( and Discord (