GameTweak System Window shows up during gameplay. Restart, and shutdown but keeps popping up


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GameTweak update requires a restart BUG

A GameTweak update requires a restart window somewhat randomly appears when accessing char inventory while playing in Single Player on Conan Exiles.

Stopping play, shutting down Conan Exiles, Restarting PS4 does not resolve issue.

Powering Off PS4 also does not stop random GameTweak System Window from appearing have done this 3 times today.

Did FUNCOM just release 3 GameTweaks Today? This has not happened before today, I have not been playing for several days, but this bug is new to me.


Can confirm the same behavior on my PS5!


Same here. Yesterday ps4 single player. Three times but I don’t have to restart the game. Just close the message and then it was gone. Pop up few minutes later but two times but then don’t came back again.

BTW what is this gametweak message about?


So apparently some people saw this as early as last year during the Grave Matters Event in SOLO mode in Conan Exiles.

I can confirm that so far no amount of restarts or Reboots on console will remove it. So something in SOLO play is triggering it currently on my PS4.

I can also confirm that hitting the acknowledge button removes pop-up until the next occurrence of pop-up, with no visible effect to game play, unless it happens at a crucial moment, in which case you will die.

Growing pains eh, if this was the most annoying thing happening in Conan I would be pumped.


Can confirm this also occurs on the xbox.

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