GameTweak update requires a restart

First time I’ve received this message. Why is this thing appearing now?

I googled this error and it was some sort of backend routine maintenance noted by the team in may I think. But just curious as I’ve never had this at all.

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Don’t know what it is. Have encountered it now and then. Kept playing without restart turns out fine. (expect once this pops up in a middle of a fight caused me death)

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I got it too now and then and I play with the steam version on PC. I keep playing without restarting and nothing happens. Nver had it pops up in a middle of a fight.

Ok cool. Was a bit odd as never had it before in the past. And now twice in a week. Ah well. And ya doesn’t seem to cause any issues with the game

I like when it pops up exact when you need to make a roll out of Boss NPC attack way, forcing you to take it all in the chest where you stand lol

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I have the same issue on my PS5 now with Conan Exiles - I restarted the game, I rebooted the PS5 several times - this message keeps appearing!

Happened to me for the first time today.

first instance Restarted Game,
second instance today restarted PS4,
third time today, Turned off PS4 and restarted game.
fourth time turned off game and wrote bug report.

Played online OFFICIAL Server for 2 hours did not see error, but online game rubber banded horribly causing several deaths.

My experience this error only shows up in SOLO mode,
and my first instance of this error, in over 2 years of online and solo play, was today.

I think this GameTweak is closly related to events. I’m farming that event on Traitors Bridge on Exiled Lands map and everytime just before event spawns in that GameTweak messege pops up.

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