Gardening and Orchards

How difficult would it be to add planter boxes to grow certain vegetables like potatos, turnips, and beans? These could be consumed on the road or made into better dishes at the stove?

What about adding coconut and banana trees in the oasis. When you chop them down, you get a chance at one or the other? Maybe apple trees further inland?

First off a chance to get a seed back would be extremely helpful.
Second: Just having different food… Idk. I usually just go with roasted haunches and ignore most of the recipes.

There could be so many uses…
Temperature up/down
Healing+Temperature up/down
Corruption up/down (in case that sorcery will use that)
Healing+corruption up/down

I would rather want to see vegetables to be incorporated into the existing recipes than having new recipes.
Aside of having veggie versions of these meals.

As for orchards…
We cannot even place trees down directly and straight forward starting up an apple orchard…
Feels a lil weird to me, to be able to place appletrees but no usual ones…

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