Gate Tolls: And other uses of coins

From my understanding so far, the only current use for gold/silver coins currently is to grind them down to powder for use in chemical base, Map Room Recipes, etc. I know that you can spend silver coins to buy useless items (not worth the walk all the way to the Western City) from different vendors. But currently the form of coins is useless (since you can also just grind down the bars). It would be interesting to see some of the below implemented to see higher use of the coins/currency in the game.

Toll Booths: I am curious what you guys think about a Toll Booth idea, implemented on Gates/Doors and Elevators. You could set a fee to get through gates. Currently, many clans seem to block off areas in the game and prevent access. However, to give incentive for clans who have such control, a Toll would allow people to buy passage. This of course would only be implemented gates that have had the booth added, so perhaps add a gatehouse that can be connected to a gate (a new thrall type could also be added here maybe, the higher the thrall, the higher the price of the toll) I think the toll price should probably have a set server wide or game wide price to keep things simple (Tier 1 Thrall: 5 Silver, T2 Thrall: 10 Silver, T3 Thrall: 5 Gold, Named Thrall: 10 Gold, or something to that effect)

I Understand that currently gold/silver can be rare to find in the game, making it harder to get it in larger amounts currently. But that could possibly be tweaked if these things were added.

Markets (real markets): AI/THRALL: It would be nice to see some actual markets added to the game where you can buy items that are actually worth spending coins on. Currently there are no thralls that sell items that are worth buying. I think that if this is currently a possibility, it should be changed so that it is actually worth the effort.
PLAYER: I am kind of curious if this would be a possible, probably a bit of a stretch, but I am wondering if putting items out for sale at a marketplace would be interesting. So for example, you would build a small marketplace station, other clans could come and buy stuff from it. It could be manned by a thrall, the higher the thrall, the higher the price (highest tier thrall has best negotiation skills).

I know the above ideas may not be perfect. They are just ideas, would love to see feedback from you all.

-Much Love

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You will be able to use the coins to buy camels and babies with the update.


LOL, I hope you mean ‘Baby Animals’

yog needs “veal” too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do find it interesting that the only way to get Thralls is by bashing them over the head… Its not like earning trust/bringing or freeing slaves (you know, the Conan way XD) and you earn their trust so they fight for you is a possible way as well.

Honestly, it would be interesting if there were multiple ways to get thralls. Edit: you have inspired a future thread idea.


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