Gates & 200.000 HP & Toxicness

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  1. Have a toxic player your join server (EU-PVP #1119)
  2. Watch this player get beaten in PVP and start building gates with 200.000 HP all over brimstone-lake
  3. Watch the server die because noone can get a decent amount of brimstone.
  4. See the toxic player win with his toxicness

Dear FC. The gates are 200.000 HP and are tough as vaults. The toxic player on our server build about 100 gates around brimstone lake, preventing ALL spawns. And seeing how cheap 1xGate in T3-black ice is he can troll the whole server for as long as he wants.

Can you please lower the HP on gates. Make them NOT as strong as vaults (they take little damage from catapults) and make brimstome lake an unbuildable place. The server #1119 EU-PVP is dying.

And if you can find it in your hearts. Go check it out. Just log in there with admin and see how stupid it is.


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  • Just make Brimstone lake unbuildable. Its to important for everone on the server to get screwed with.
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I’ve never known T3 black-ice gates to be 200,000 HP? they’re around 32k hp if I remember correctly…

Unless you mean he’s building them like 7 gates thick…? How high up is the wall?

indeed. was wondering the same. what server is this with 200k gates o.O. a new cheat. op, post some screenshots

he pobably talk of the support for the gate, not of the gate itself

do they have 200k? I am pretty sure it was a lot less

yes last time i checked it was, or at least i have the memory of that, as i didn’t check it for a very long time

Yeah, its the support for the gate that opens. Its freaking 200.000 HP and tough like a vault. BIG problem on our server now with toxic players ruinin it for EVERYONE

The gateway / gate frame is at 200k hp

In that case then, the gates themselves are only 32k HP - If it’s that much of an issue just get a few people together and bomb it down or Treb it…

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his main issue though is that they build the gateways to block the brimstone spawn not to lock it out or at least how i understood it.

Yep. He’s got loads of gateways blocking the spawns of brimstone. Not locking it in, but blocking it

You have 3 caves with more brimstone, 7500 aprox. Its enough for play, more slow but possible.

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There is also brimstone underwater in many places in the East. It’s most definitely not a huge hindrance to have the lake blocked. It just requires more effort to farm elsewhere, and most people won’t put extra effort into anything if they don’t have to.

This is a pretty common tactic on pvp servers. It sucks but unless the devs make the area unbuildable or ban people for doing it then the only thing left to do is to bomb his gates and counter land claim.

I suggest that take thoth-anon’s suggestion and claim a wide area of the brimstone lake for your clan. Surround some of his gates with an unclimbable structure so he can’t get close enough to refresh their timer if you can and either let his gates decay or blow them up.
If you came to a temporary treaty with other players on the server who are probably also very angry at him for blocking one of the major resources you could divide up the brimstone resources between you all.
OR you surround most of the area and leave signs saying that you will allow access at x days/times for brimstone harvesting without harrassment from your clan & allies … and (so long as obelisks are not blocked) provide a map room within the zone so they can port out to feel safer.

How is resource denial considered “toxic” on a PVP server? How did you even let him acquire the resources to build all that in the first place?

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