Gates to Glory [PS4, light RP, 18+]

Are you tired of not being able to progress in the game? Are you sick of toxic players ruining the game for you?

Do you want an active community to game with? If so, look no further!

Gates to Glory is a light roleplay PVE-C server with a primary PVE focus. We have PVP weekends, starting at midnight Friday and ending at midnight Sunday. PVP is completely optional; players can opt out by displaying a purple banner outside of their base. RP is also optional.
All servers are updated automatically, and reboot at 4AM EST every day - ensuring that we remain current at all times and lag free. Backups are preformed every night, in the event that we should need to roll back to a previous save.

We have a friendly, helpful and active community. As of Dec 5th, we’ve opened our doors to the public again! Just remember that toxicity will not be tolerated and our admins are active. We are taking new players by invite/application only in order to maintain our community. Please message VelikaUnleashed#1211 and/or Armageto#0266 and tell us that you’d like to join and why. Be sure to read and follow the server rules when accepted! You can also message us on PSN at VelikaUnleashed and Armageto80.

Solo players and Clans are welcome! If you need a safe place to level or need to be shown the ropes, contact a member of the Einherjar clan - we’re happy to assist!

We do not have server wipes, but the admin team preforms a regular sweep to get rid of spam builds and abandoned buildings.

If you experience any toxicity on the server, report it immediately! We have an absolute zero tolerance for such behavior. Please see our server rules on the Discord!

Need helping taming or building something? No problem! Our players are always happy to help.

Server Stats

  • Difficulty 6 PURGES
  • x6 harvest
  • x3.5 XP
  • Ownership turned off
  • Proximity Chat - True
  • Global Chat - Off
  • Max Clan Size - 10
  • Scheduled reboots every day at 4AM EST
  • Clans are limited to two LARGE bases, one for PVP and one for PVE, but can otherwise build whatever and wherever they want


  • Community Colosseum for 1v1 PVP and events
  • Weekly server events
    – INCLUDES raidable admin-built bases for those who want to practice PvP, building competitions, colosseum matches, dungeon runs and more!
  • Rewards for donations change monthly
  • Active and friendly admin team, 3 members strong in different timezones. All 3 are in different Clans and are held to the same standards as our players - meaning no admin abuse!
  • Bodies do not remain in the world upon logout
  • Laid back, friendly community and active Discord
  • Community city, Tarth, with thrall wheels, food, starting weapons/armor/tools, a wall of shame and rewards wall, and a place for anyone to come hang out during the week
  • All structures are auto-locked to prevent theft (ownership turned off)
  • Admins enforce all of the rules, no exceptions

Open to server adjustment suggestions!

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I really like the direction the server is headed. The community is very helpful and discord is a big help staying in touch with players or events. Plenty of areas left to build and no issue with toxic players. It’s been a fun server so far and with the community aspect, people’s ideas are implemented for the betterment of the server. It’s sort of a players server, in that sense.

I can only agree, great server and great community!

If you have any questions or need help there is always someone there to assist player or admin, The entire server feels like 1 gigant community, its not players vs admin or players AND admins on diffrent levels, everyone is involved and everyones ideas and feedback is taken in concideration.

This is a perfect server for a fun relaxed way of enjoying Conan Exiles, and with the extra PvP weekends you will have the chance do play some PvP and fight eachother in an arena , its perfect!



Hi, I am new to Conan exiles and have maybe only played for 5 hours single player time. I feel like the experience of the game would be more fun it I have other people to play with and if I could make new in game friends. I believe this server would be perfect for me. I have a hectic work schedule so I may only be available to play 3 or 4 says out of the week for a few hours each day. I prefer PVE over PVP but will very rarely do PVP if I am in the mood to mess around. I like that you give players like myself a choice in that matter. I am 23 years old and am just wanting to have fun and make new friends. Thank you. My PSN tag is Xx_WolfzBane_xX


I’m interested in joint but don’t know how to send a message to the people listed.


I sent you a message on here my friend.

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I tried to send you a message Wolfz, but I think the way you have it setup, it wouldn’t allow it. I did send you a message on here, or you can also reach me at my PSN Armageto80.

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Also, for anybody interested in more info or joining, you could message me here. I would get alerts faster at PSN armageto80 or Discord Armageto#0266.

Thank you to those that have replied and messaged us so far! To make it easier, I’ve added my PSN along with Arma’s PSN to the main post for those who aren’t familiar with Discord.

Just note that in order to play on the server, having Discord is a requirement.

bump! We’re still looking for people to join us. Message VelikaUnleashed#1211 on Discord for details~

Hello, I’m interested in joining in, I played solo for a few weeks and would like to try with other players. I am searching for PVE-C style server with active community and admins, non-toxic environment. I have a busy work schedule but can find some hours every week to play. Looking forward!

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We’d be happy to have you! Message me as VelikaUnleashed#1211 on Discord and I’ll invite you to our discord server, where you’ll have access to the server’s rules and password.

Also, in preparation for the update tomorrow that introduces mounts, Gates to Glory will be publicly opening its doors again. Meaning, no password! For a limited time.


My tribe, Einherjar, is actively recruiting and so are our allies, Duskfire. We’ve also removed the server password. Come and join us!

I have sent a request on discord:)

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Happy to have you :slight_smile: Welcome, Exile!

We still are looking to take on a few new people. New additions being built for the server, including a jousting arena and a horse race track. Some clans are openly recruiting as well, or feel free to play by yourself or with your incoming group. Welcome center to help players get off on a positive foot. A good community and overall fun server, if you are looking for PVE; with PVP on weekends.