Gateway placement changes?

I have placed many gateways in Conan Exiles (PC) but have encountered a new issue.

Normally, they are very tricky to place exactly where you want them. The are place-able on the edges of tiles and in the middle of tiles. I usually have to keep moving around the area and zoom in and out, looking up and down until it snaps to the area I want.

However today, I tried to place one and it would only snap to the middle of the tile. I could not get it to snap to the edges. I tried many different areas of my building and each time it only snapped to the middle of the tiles.

Has anyone else noticed this issue recently? I placed some gateways about 3 days ago and all was fine.

they are big and stuff can interfer whit it. Ex the folowing thrall. go away and try later then it can work.

And build a sand stone Tower or somting ells you can clime up on to be able to se what you are doing.

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This might sound a bit wasteful but this is the way I do it on PS4: destroy the foundation of the side opposite were the outer face is turned to (it has to be 3 foundations), attach 3 fence foundations to the side of the foundation where you want your gate to go, and put the gate on top of the fence foundations. Ensure you don’t have any ceiling nor walls directly attached to it when you put the gate, attach them only later. Just spend a good half an hour trying to put a gate on a pyramid and this was the only way it worked. By the way, I find placing gates more difficult in single player than multiplayer, where it just seems to attach itself to anything properly.


The snapping in general is notoriously buggy. As an example, I’ve had situations where I placed the gate frame, then walls to the side of it (perpendicular to the gate), then demolished the gate when newer DLC came out and I wanted to place a new one and, of course, I couldn’t until I demolished the walls too.

Can you post a screenshot of the exact situation?

They are tricky, but with 3 fence foundations they tend to wanna snap to those, but it has gotten worse after recent patches and updates, also building in general is less snappy as it used to be.

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Try with barrels. Put barrels down where you don’t want it to snap, leaving open only the area where you want it to go.

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