Gateways unable to replace under ceilings

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***This has been an issue for a while that I just ignored but now I’m just full on annoyed by it. Not sure if it’s intended, but if I have a gateway with a gate, and a ceiling placed on top, if the gateway gets destroyed but the ceiling is still there, I can’t replace the gateway without destroying the ceiling first. Most of the time I have buildings above these ceilings so it can cause a great deal of resources to destroy it all to replace a gate, or to just remake the gate somewhere else.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.have a gateway placed ceilings above the gate way
3.destroy the gateway
4. attempt and fail at replacing gateway under the ceilings

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I second this and there are other building pieces that may have been destroyed by purges that cannot be replaced without removing other vital structures; like foundations under a vault or safe.

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plus there are the corner wall pieces that are supposed to hang from ceilings but don’t hang from the triangle ceiling pieces (can’t finish my tower bc of it) but yeah, replacing foundations or ceilings that were under a vault for example are impossible to replace without destroying the vault or pet pen or whatever. needs a fix for sure

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Why can’t we hang fence foundations on foundations anymore or walls? Also triangle foundations cannot be put on top of triangle wedges anymore either. There’s much more still wrong with this game. The gates cannot be doubled up on a foundation with ceiling tiles over it either.

Gates in general need tweaks… you can build walls on both sides, and leave gap for gate snap in, and it’ll snap 6-7+ ways till sunday, but not between the walls.

then when you take walls down, it fights to go off center over and over and over…
I actually stop using gates, there frustrating and make me wanna toss my controller across room every time. XD

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I’m more of a visual kind of guy. I thought I would take a stab at what’s going on in the dev kit, and was hoping that maybe you could take some screenshots of examples of what you mean? And also, is it with all gateways, or only some?

Plus, you can’t place a standing radium torch if there is a ceiling above it. (not sure about other standing torches, i don’t use them)

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