Gauging interest in a Dynamic Building Damage server on PC


So I’ve found myself in love with this game again, but unable to enjoy it fully because I don’t have the time to babysit a base for 6 hours a day. I could deal with this if passive base defense was worth a damn, but even with fence foundation stacking it’s so easy to raid in this game that no matter how thick your passive defense offline raiding is a cakewalk. Imagine if archer thralls were actually as effective as turrets in Ark and Rust. Anyway, I’m thinking of starting a PvP server that utilizes the dynamic building damage (offline raid protection) option. If you’re online you’re vulnerable and remain so for up to 30 minutes after logging off (to prevent just logging off to avoid a raid). I’d make blocking obelisks against the rules, but people could still abuse this system by refreshing their decay timers at off peak times and otherwise never logging in. As I’d like to be as hands off as possible, I’m thinking there should be a short 1 hour raid window Friday, Saturday and Sunday for dealing with such people or someone you want to raid but can never catch online.

If you’re interested please reply here and tell me which map you’d prefer. It will be a US East server.

I am interested. May have a few clan mates as well. I am assuming base Exiles map (obelisks).

Siptah is an option if people prefer that. I don’t think there are a lot of unofficial Siptah servers so it could be a draw.

Just checking.

Do you have a preference?

not really.

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