Gauntlets of Asura not dropping...something is wrong

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9 Hoods…4 Leggings…2 chest…1 boot. Im not the only one experiencing this…

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Just bad luck. They are all weighted the same and have an equal chance at spawning.


I now have 3 complete sets (had 4 but gifted one to a newbie in my area) with 6 pairs of leggings spare and one spare gauntlet. It took a tremendously long time. I was waiting on a chest piece then voila 2 chest pieces in one drop then another with some boots…then went back and again another… this was after roughly 20 drops without a chest piece; patience is a virtue!

Another hour or so and I’ve added 2 more hoods and a chest piece…still no gauntlets…wtf!

20 pieces before I finally got gauntlets…

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Congratulations. I bet if you go back now there will be nothing but Gauntlets😁


I had it similar with hood, but got full set eventually

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Nothing is wrong.

Embrace the grind.

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