Gazelle greater form maybe?

My clan mates hate these things but I find them usefull in a pinch.

I would like to see maybe the Kudo as a potential Greater form with maybe 5 extra slots of space.

It wouldn’t need to be much stronger aside from maybe extra armor, just a little stronger maybe…yeah it’s silly I know :sweat_smile:

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I went to train a Gazelle and this is what I got.
They carry 20 slots.

The Buck tries to attack, but it got no attack moves.
Its damage equals zero. I set it to passive, so it doesn’t get in the way.

Its diet displayed is empty. But thanks to the wiki I know what it eats.

The buck got a separate class “Hooved”, but its level 10 perk rolled useless, as it even can’t strike.

Oh I never use them for battle. I almost never use half of my pets anyway considering almost nobody wants to fight legit these days.

I noticed the Gazelle cannot be disbanded. She does have the new Thrall AI though.


A disbanded gazelle looks like this:


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