Gear not equipping

Hi there

Running into trouble where my gear no longer equips.

When I hit a hot key I hear the equip sound but I instead go into hand to hand. It is definitely not invisible equipped. Nothing equips - weapons, shields, tools, etc. However things like food, constructions and so on work fine off the hot keys.

I have logged in and out plus turned my server off and on.

Anyone know if there is a way to correct this problem?



generally takes place after you die. i’ve managed to fix it once by trying some things recommended on other forum posts. but this seems like a huge problem as it entirely keeps you from being able to play.

Dance. Seriously. If it’s the bug I’m thinking it is, performing an emote will fix it. XD

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super useful, thanks!

Here are a couple more possible fixes, in case using an emote doesn’t work.

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Had this a few times, store ur stuff, remove bracelet, respawn, collect stuff n re-equip. Fixed it everytime for me

Thank you all

Fixed it - for me I had to unequip everything, empty my inventory, run out naked and die.

When I respawned could equip again. I did try some of the other suggestions here and on the older forums but this worked for me.

Sounds like a pervasive bug that would be difficult to recreate and fix if so many methods seem to work

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