Gear or Build you're proud of

(TSW & SWL) What gear or build (or pieces of gear or abilities) are you proud of that most people don’t use? Why do you think it’s so great or underrated?

(if this gets posts - please don’t don’t argue about why something isn’t the best. I get bored and want to try new things, best or not.)

During the last months of TSW, we were pretty much logging in only to raid twice a week. Some nights, it became harder to fill in some roles, so I worked to condense what I could so we could keep going without losing time.

For Flappy, I managed to cram in a solo-healer-offtank build.

It really only works with an experienced high-DPS group who knows how to stay alive and force Flappy back into the air fast, before the damage to the main-tank gets too much for me to keep up – nevermind the damage the solo healer/off-tank (me!) takes from adds, and people who invariably get caught by flying poop.

Blood/Chaos, and a variation off one of my PvP healer sets. (With all those adds beating on you and the amount of footwork that is required, it feels just like PvP anyway). Evade with just enough +Hit on Chaotic Pull ( Evulsion for you SWL-natives :stuck_out_tongue: ) to impair the spiders. It was a fun challenge and one of the hardest roles I’ve ever done.

Probably not practical for general use, though I hear of people still doing raids every so often. But I do also have a leech build I used to solo some elite dungeons (and Pol 1 NM, accidentally, >_>). I’ll have to dig it up for another post…

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KSR of Energy mk3 as mainhand, don’t see many of those around. Very underrated weapon.
For offhand: Orochi Thermal Inverter. Crystallised Flame with the passive does very good damage. Don’t see many using this.

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The build that carried me through my first tank commander when I didn’t have cruel delight. I was a bit over 1k at that point. Not sure if it even works on max ip. Gadget was Ningishzida’s Rod for some extra passiv healing, it could be switched out but I liked having something to gulp up minor damages.


I was going to say… Do you know what abilities and passives you used? I know some people don’t like to tell.

I’m going to add this here because I’ve had to explain this to some blade users who think they know all and tried to argue until they checked themselves.

  • Using Soothing Spring and its passive (Meditate) & Supreme Harmony and its passive (Master’s Focus) together. Those two work together very nicely. When you use Soothing Spring, its passive generates a lot of chi. Each chi generated will cool down Supreme Harmony by 5% because of its passive. Not to mention, you can forge your blade with all of that chi and heal yourself. Hone helps, too, because it also generates chi, but not as much as Soothing Spring. It helps to add it, though. (I’m also able to keep Spirit Blade 100% of time with them.)

I used to use those two together with Hone, but with the max blade elite cooldown signet, I couldn’t keep up my energy. I was using Supreme Harmony almost as soon as it ended and it uses 4 energy. Hone’s little two extra energy wasn’t helping much because it helped cool down Supreme a Harmony as well. I haven’t tried it again with my new Tachyon, but I should. Tachyon will let me use Hone and Soothing Spring more often.

Plus, if I interrupt, my recursive circle would kick in heh.
(Blade: Seventh Son of Energy MKIII)

HP- 7800
Heal- 3800
Crit- 750
CP- 460
Block- 690
Evade- 300

Ruby Curtain
Hematic Rites
Exquisite Corpse
Cold Blooded
Scarlet Arts
Chaotic Pull
Helter Skelter

Ebb and Flow
Resilient Defender
Mad Skills
Thicker Than Water

Woodcutter’s Sorrow
Brooklyn Bracer
Purple Signet of Order
Purple Signet of Protection
Purple Signet of Desperation

Looking at it now, though, the Shambala sigs aren’t really attainable nowadays and were terribly expensive even back then. The rest of it, though, I’m sure could be optimized by someone with better math-fu than me. It was puzzled together from existing gear, but it got the job done, under the right conditions.

That’s awesome! Thank you. And it effing sucks we won’t be able to get certain signets these days.

Omg i have well over “far too many builds” in TSW, i could pop in there and share them all to you too lol
I have a lot of PVP builds that were person specific or situation specific.

I particularly loved my Blood Ele build that did some huge DPS and used it for some time, even in PVP - but i was a healer mainly in PVP, so my fave of all was one called “insert expletive here
it wsa designed as a distraction, i would run in to a facility that was being attacked and when they tried to claim the facility i would chaotic pull them off the button, then heal myself when they attacked me - then while that was on CD i would use another pull just as they were about to claim it again and keep doing that until help arrived - was mighty fun :smiley:

Snicko and Krynn had some AWESOME builds on the lumie side too, SlowLoris had another fantastic build on the dragon side that caused the custodian to attack anyone that came near her loool
and many many other players with amazing builds.
God i miss those days.
really - i really do.

In SWL however - it matters not what i do, there’s enough DPS in a group to complete any dungeon and i find E9 easier than all other dungeons before in any tier - because everyone in E9 is E10 lvl
you don’t even need to buff with OS coz they are OP :confused:
really and the only thing ever asked for is “AS?” - … “AS?” - … “AS?”
that one slot where nothing else much can go in it handles most situations such as cleanses and you don’t even need to ask it just happens.

SWL itself has no minimum requirements lol IT RUNS ON A POTATO - coz it is a baked potato.

Ahhh i love this game…


HP- 7500
AR- 2700
HR- 660

Anima Burst
Chaotic Pull
Three Round Burst (OR Transfuse Anima)
Discord Rising

Knuckle Down
Elemental Force
Iron Maiden
Twist the Knife
Eagle Eye
Seal the Deal

A fun build to take to solo elite dungeons. A lot of abilities are easily movable depending on what’s needed for the encounter. Sometimes you want something like Dragon Breath for add control. Before the end, I beat Pol and HR (and Pol 1 NM – “Why is this guy hitting so hard?! … (purple bag drop) Oh.” I also recall back in the day, people did races to see how fast they could drop Fac 1 NM.) I imagine some of the other elite dungeons aren’t so easily soloable, but it still might be fun to try.


Depends on gear. With 10.4.4 it may be hard but with 10.9.9 (or whatever highest level is possible without nm raids) and full signets and augments most elites are easy. I could not beat only elite Slaugherhouse: 2nd boss with his shield and one-shot mechanic was too hard for me to do enough dps and survive adds at same time. NM dungeons first bosses were mostly soloable with leachtank setup.
As far as I know Polaris nm was soloed till Ur-draug and all nm dungeons were done duo (except aegis ones).

Alrighty… But which ones would you like to share that most people didn’t use? Maybe even something you were told you shouldn’t use but you love(d) it and use(d) it anyway because it works for you. Maybe you knew something others hadn’t thought about.

If you are asking me then I don’t have anything to share. Because I am ehh… copycat: I take ideas of others and adjust them on the fly to my fingers. There is nothing original (and I don’t do pvp). Unfortunately even if I reinstall TSW all builds were saved in mod so it is impossible to recover them. A pity that old forum is unavailable - there were many good threads there. By the way legacy site has many good builds and ideas.
The best you can do if you bored is to pass GK and start doing nm dungeons. NM dungeons is best part of TSW. Obviously only if there will be enough players.

Is it? I came across the TSW forum about 3 weeks ago. I just didn’t bother to read through it. I think I found it when I was looking through my account for TSW.

The old forum is still available. I don’t think new SWL players can access it but the veterans still can.

For the first year or so I didn’t listen to ANYONE! I read all actives and passives thoroughly and made my own builds no matter what anyone said or how much people complained. Then I got bored with my own and started playing with other weapons and listening to others suggestions. I figure there have to be others out there that did the same thing, and I like to hear why they used what they use. I used to have a complete chi generating build for my blade that I don’t use anymore and saved over. I was proud of it. It included the Hone, Soothing Spring, Supreme Harmony and their passives like I listed above. Only thing is I didn’t have room for abilities from other weapons, so the second energy bar was wasted.

I also reeeeeeally like my TSW build right now. I’m proud of that because of how it all works together. I just don’t want to share it because I want to make sure I understand it first.

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For SWL: not a full on build but more of an early combi of abilities. Before i got my hands on Flickers passive for it’s stun, I would activate Icy step, and time the flicker so i froze the target where i landed. Generally a flicker nerd when it comes to SWL, pride myself on my ability to jump at the back of a boss to stun it, but without throwing myself into a cleave. Early day SWL while my cabal was still gearing up, Flicker won us many fights by making the bosses waste a hit on thin air, best of which was flickering around in Eblis’ last phase hoping the only other player left would kill him before i ran out of dodges, or landed myself in an AoE =P.

TSW: I was quite proud of my Manifestation + Blade tanking. Loved the ability to throw Manifestations down behind the group for mob catching. Also had a Mani + Blade Scenario build, that utilized a leech ability from blade (iirc) together with the damage from lightning and fire mani.

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I don’t think I used a consistent build but with ~5k hp AR/Chaos I soloed all the elites in TSW. the main tedium is Fac 3 which takes about 20 minutes on your own, everything else is pretty much normal attack and kill if you have the healing to survive pol 6. (the 3-boss ones needed something to hold down damage… maybe chain aoe impairs?)

In SWL my only deviation from normal is Red Road instead of Pneumatic Maul, I prefer the consistency.

Originally I also had a relatively uncommon hammer/shotgun tank setup but none of those signets are in my red 70 gear so I just play it sustain hamcha these days (for example, head hammer cd signet let me run megabosses with Unstoppable Force and Osmium gadget giving me complete knockback immunity and enough defensiveness for random leech healing to keep me alive. 14s cooldowns on both, they last a combined 14 seconds).

Oh there’s also the Flanged Mallet that made me 20% better than anyone else on PVP EFB bosses which is nice during events (it gives an hp-based bonus, efb gives 160k hp maxing out the bonus). But Red Road plays so much nicer that I skip that.

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It’s still available at for everyone to read, though not sure that it’s possible to register new accounts to post if you haven’t already.

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