Gear or Build you're proud of

So share the biz!

That’s awesome. I’ve only used flicker a couple of times. I should try it out.

What biz?
Its the same as everyone else who runs Ar/Ele lol
There are no builds in SWL - only Zuul

You said you could jump on TSW and share your business. It’s up to you, but if you want… Share it

Oh - In SWL it’s cookie cutter this n that and everyone runs the same thing

"One build to rule them all, One player to find them,
Every player to bring them all and in the darkness blind them
In the Land of SWL where the Shadows tell lies."

In TSW i was more serious and a PVPer, i don’t share builds with the enemy.
(Templar at heart)
I said i could - didn’t say i would. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I beat the gatekeeper in TSW, guys - third try as dps. I made my own pene/affliction single target build. I was able to get away from the add with rocket launcher, but it came up so close to the end of the fight it wasn’t that bad.

Here’s what I used.



Gratz Ceruleana !!

Not something you will get much damage out of, but if you like positional game play, then flicker can really push it. Once left a dps wondering how they survived. They somehow got themselves squished between their bomb on MT, and me running from my own bomb with MT on my ■■■■. Flicker brought me out of range so MT didn’t cleave the DPS in passing.

Early SWL i had a full lock down going on your typical open map mobs and bosses. Kodiak solo at lvl 30 was a matter of time. Between stunning it with both jumps of flicker, and dropping Blizzard on it, he wasn’t moving much.

So long as you are willing and can afford to lay off DPS/Survival, Flicker can be great fun. And Elemental as a whole can be real fun if you focus on mob control, granted you care for that kind of game play =P.

Elemental is a blast. I’ve been playing with it a lot, just haven’t used flicker.

Im proud of being able to sustain/cleansetank any e10 dungeon with no support from dps at all and cleanse tanking nyr10 is fun

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@RenameMe I’m working on that, too. Nice name btw lol.

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@RenameMe why was it removed?

beating Xe5 with his own build haha chaos shotgun evade :slight_smile: Nuff said…