General bug reports

Agreed. The only time I’ve fallen through the world was when a rhino pushed me through it, but it is annoying being sent to the southern edge of the desert because of bugs and glitches.

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Why the avatar dont do damage? we use Ymir to destroy black ice build… and he dont do damage… and yes, we are in raid time… who can answer me about this problem?
Thanks in advance.

  1. Sometimes Random Boss Chests are not openable BUT they use a Skeleton Key!
    I’ve tested and spawned 5 Skeleton Keys.
    After and tried to “very fast” press the Key to open the Chest and it worked after ALL 5 Keys are gone!
    But it is not working if “Single Press” or even “Interact” with the Chests when hold the “Use” Key.

  1. The Barrow King is totaly bugged!
    The Model seems so Big that he ALWAYS hit “behind” the Player Model :stuck_out_tongue:
    If you stand close enough you will never get hit by the Boss :wink:

  1. Attacking or using Tools while crouching let you Stand up automatically…
    This is sometimes very annoying!
    Everyone should can interact while standing our crouching.

  1. Big Spider Boss’s Attack-Range is WAY to high!
    Seems the Hardest Boss except the Undead Dragon for me :wink:

  1. Tools and Weapons need better Balance especially End Game Stuff!
    Some “Hard to Get” Tools and Weapons are even with “Easy to Get” Tools and Weapons.
    The Best Exapmle is the Acheronian Stuff.
    Also the Kingslayer Stuff is Very Easy to Get and the Recipe is Learnable very soon what makes it a bit overpowered!

  1. Bow Builds are almost “unplayable” until you get “PERFECT” Gear

Everything was tested on a g-portal Private Testlive Server!
The last 4 Reports above are just Balance things and are not Gamebreaking Bugs i think imho!

I personally think…
Falling through the World should be fixed TOTALY!
Not just spwanpoint fixed :wink:


As do we all. But what are the chances of that?


That is a Question i dare not answer :stuck_out_tongue:


This tool is showing that everything’s ok. But the game still doesn’t start.

Well, first off the game seems to recognize when you fall through the world as it respawns you with all your gear. So a simple fix to the annoyance of respawning in the desert would be respawning in your bed instead. Then they can spend the countless time trying to fix the issues of falling through the world.

First it might take time to figure out what causes people to get knocked under the ground by npcs.

Second, you might fix it for npc’s knocking you below the world but not for some other unknown reason.

I was out mining stone and ironstone and climbing a cliff side to get another ironstone node when I just randomly fell through the world. So fuba82, tell me right now why you think that happened. I honestly don’t think the devs could tell me why it happened either. I don’t even know why it could have happened. I’ve climbed hundreds or thousands of cliff sides and so far that is the only time I’ve fallen through the world without an npc knocking me under the world.

Fuba82, you sound like you think game development is a piece of cake. Give me the name of a game or piece of software you are currently developing so I can see how well you are doing.

In fact, name a piece of software with over a 1,000,000 lines of code that you think is bug free.

Oh my god another one…
I was sure all the dummies are gone :monkey:

Ok let me think just 1min:

  • Fallout 4
  • Dark Souls (any)
  • Shadow of Mordor
  • The Surge
  • Cities: Skylines (just for complexity reason!)

All of them are in a Proper “Final State”.
And remember this are the first Games i think about in 1min!
There are MANY more but i see just now it make no sense to discus with you so:
I dont care any more of your posts here…
But i’m sure you will write back, so have fun with it -> I DO NOT CARE :wink:

Anyway im tired of posting Bugs becasue it seems more importent to Talk about “The Creative Process of Crafting Craft-able Armor” instead of fixing long known Bugs!

My Private Server will shut down in few weeks and i think it makes no sense until the next 3-4 Month to run a Conan Server on it :cry:
Im just Happy that i bougth the Game before “Full Price”!

has anyone else had the bug where you begin combat and most times the game freezes then you unfreeze and are dead or just respawned at your bed or bedroll? this has happened even when i am out of reach of the danger or when my friend was online and took aggro so I wouldn’t get hit and I still died…

You can remove custom map markers (on pc) by holding right mouse, holding left mouse, releasing right mouse and then alt tab switching. Then you can delete the marker. Spotted this workaround somewhere on these forums.