General harassment

Lets have a talk about general harassment. So I got base raided on my initial server. It sucked, but no big deal. I built a bunch of grease orbs to raid theirs but funcom decided nerfing grease orbs was the way to go so I quit the game for a while. After a few days I rerolled on another server and this guy follows me to the new server.

First, what is the official policy on harassment? I mean, if I don’t want to play on a server with somebody, should I have to? You can’t mute people. With battlemetrics, people can just follow you around and see where you are. I have no problem using it as a raid tool to see when somebody is on who might be raiding you but using it to track down people just to continue to be a douchebag is perhaps not in the spirit of the tool.

Are you sure it’s not possible to mute people? I’ve never had the need, but I’ve seen references to it in chat (people ignoring one another). I guess they might not have been talking about “ignoring” as a technical measure but just the general meaning of it.

You can indeed mute people in the player list. You can choose whether to block their voice and/or text.

But there’s unfortunately no governance on Official servers. There’s no way to ban anybody for harassment on Official servers.

I’ve experienced a few (rare) toxic players who did cause me to put the game down. Having that mute function helps a lot, now that it exists.

IMO an Official servers ban function, even if seldom used, would help. Just the existence of that tool would shape how some people behave on Officials.

A lot of people think of the Official servers as ‘trial’ servers. You’re just dipping your toes into the game. Private servers are a fuller experience, because there you can have admins (and mods).

On official PVE-C, we are having problems with juvenile players blocking entire obelisks…on PVE-C - so there’s no way to tear down their walls. They trap unsuspecting players in their building that encloses the obelisk. It’s unfortunate that players feel like they have to be toxic on a server with friendly, chill players.

The best solution I can think of with regards to obelisk blocking is to spawn a purge at the obelisk every 12 hours. The purge will then take out the wall (if there is one) and then ultimately dissipate.

I never like to read about harassement and griefingn issues. We do not have traditional in game GM support that would deal with these directly but we have in the past and will going forward, added mechanics and features that should at least help with relief.

As mentioned, you can mute a player, we added the option to hide signs placed by other players and we adjusted the decay system to help with battling land claim spam and blocking off important resources or areas.

Obelisk blocking is unfortunately not an easy thing to fix since just increasing the allowed building radius would just make them build further out.

No offense, but Funcom needs to be smarter than this. Please consider rolling up unused official servers and assign someone with a ban hammer to the remaining servers! I don’t expect anyone to take me seriously, but - to me- this is a serious problem that has cost me some friends lately. They left CE altogether. :angry: We’ve had a great community for a while now and we’re all just frustrated at the stupidity of it all. Griefers gonna grief until Funcom puts an end to it.

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