General List of Bugs - PVE

This is a list, rather than a formal bug report. The Sandstorm issues is already documented and the rest of these are a combination of question and report. If the change is deliberate, let me know.

Private Beta server, no mods, vanilla settings.

  • Construction hammer is back to being heavy, Sadface. (3.85)

  • Thrall AI continues in decreased usability - Horses stand still to be slaughtered

  • Thralls appear to continue to fight when player dies, resulting in a lot more dead thralls - is this by design?

  • Rocknesses become landsharks, never emerging from the ground

  • Full shelter is no protection from sandstorms

  • Killed NPCS disappear/de-render

  • Knocked out thralls fall through the mesh

  • Stables and Animal pens do not show food to convert

  • Elderium Brazier as loot in Exiled lands - cannot be picked up/destroyed once placed

  • Truncheons back to doing damage, i.e. 1 point of health damage


This actually fixes some things, like Szeth’s Truncheon headache effect, and more importantly the Coup de Grace that kills non-T4 thralls.

It also fixes some of the aggro from NPCs that are not baseline hostile towards you, like the Lone Fisherman in Sepermeru, who would simply get hit and KO’d without defending themselves :doge:

It’s weird but things are tied to damage being dealt, rather than the weapon itself hitting :thisisfine:

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