General Siege Questions

At risk of opening a can of ice worms, I have basic questions regarding sieges. I have participated in a few, but I would like to know:

  1. How to declare war on a battlekeep? Sometimes, there is a option “Declare War” and sometimes there is not. I assume it something with the phase, but not sure.
  2. Once the keep is damaged (win or lose), must it be rebuilt by hand (using mats) or does it reset?
  3. Can one build a BK, if their guild has a city or must you only take what is there presently?

Any informative answers are appreciated and please stay on topic and leave the drama on another thread. Thanks for any answers.

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Well I am the expert!

  1. Mvp…click on the zone…click on the bk…declare war (leader of guild)
  2. Rebuild w bori mats
  3. Bks are totally different from cities. T3 city required to siege

There are a limited number of battlekeeps.
There are two in the Kush region. There are three each of the border kingdoms.
So per server there are only 8 battle keeps available to be claimed.
I believe that you can only take a battle keep if your guild city has a tier three keep.
There is a restriction on how quickly your can build or rebuild the battle keeps … I believe it is one tier per week. So if a tier 3 battlekeep is destroyed to nothing then it will take three weeks until it can be rebuilt to tier three level again. But during that time it can still be attacked.

There is a limited window during which your guild can declare a siege against a battlekeep. During that window other guilds can also declare against the battlekeep - the guild with the most PvP points will “win” the war declaration.

There is a limited time window during which the owner of a battlekeep can change the siege time so it’s within a time frame that suits them for defence.

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Some info, thanks but I can declare war on some, but not others- at least it gives me that option on the guild I am leader, yet that guild doesn’t even have a city, so how can I declare, but not siege? I am the antithesis of an expert, dare I say I am a noob? :laughing:

That makes sense, thank you :grinning:

  1. You can only declare war during “war declaration” phase (there are 3 phases in total). If it’s “skirmish” or “silence before the storm” you cant sign anymore and you have to wait for the next opening. If more than 1 guild declares war on the same BK the guild with most PvP points at the end of the “skirmish” phase gets the right to attack it.
  2. Must be rebuild/repaired with PvP mats which you gather from CE.
  3. Your PvE guild city must have T3 Keep (not full T3 city though, just the keep) in order to claim one of the 8 already existing battlekeep in border kingdoms (you cant build new ones).

Upgrading your BK from T1 to T2 and T3 has a cd. Its 1 week from T1 to T2 and 3 weeks from T2 to T3.

Edit : in order to win a siege as an attacking guild 2 conditions must be met, you must have more points than the defenders AND destroy the keep. If you don’t do both you lose.

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Awesome info, thank you.