General UI layouts

Just curious, wondering if I could change up.

I realize that layouts change based on setup for dfferrent chars, PvP or raids or whatnot, so I’m looking more at general positions.

So this is about average for my chars

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Hello fellow advy!
This is my setup for 4k, maybe someone is interested.

  • It’s very open and minimalistic, although I could hide the Actions/nanoprograms, team, shopping for more space.
  • I swap hotbars for PVP or PVM, have separate bars for morphs. Important chat right, logs left.
  • Using ndgui, most things are semi transparent until needed.


This is my doctor’s way of doing things; I keep to this with some variations depending on profession. As a doctor, I’d like to keep team health (and mine!), nano/fight target NCU information and map close together so I can get a good idea of what’s happening, with my bars to the middle next to other indications of what’s going on.

I also have a lot of chat tabs, I know, but at least I keep my tells somewhere so I might notice someone asking me for buffs… might.

My shade from ten levels ago is a lot more relaxed in comparison.


Here’s my setup, I use this on all my characters with differences mostly in hotbar setups, and pet info windows

Agg / cred / buttons bar on the top edge of the screen.

Clearly, I’m going to have to snag that.

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The Dovvech gui mod is pretty shiny. The one thing I wish could be changed is the background color INSIDE the inventory & backpack slots. Using any dark theme makes black items invisible. This is also true for the AOU gui mod. (<–which doesn’t work for me anymore. It needs updating)

heres mine. thought i was the only one who uses hotbars on the top like that.

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Typical for me on an end-game toon.

Hotbars on top is the default for new characters, I’d expect the vast majority to have that :smiley:

AO is the only game I have hotbars on top in. I think it is because I pay more attention to chat tabs in AO, so those take precedence.

Here is my 1920*1080 default layout for all my chars: