Geometry causing death

Game Mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: North America/USA

This bug occurs consistently, and also occurs sometimes in dungeons due to terrain texture, and when killing enemies and their body ragdoll intersects with the character model, in addition to the rock method outlined below. This is on PS4, Version 1.53, directly after I downloaded and installed the Jan 30th patch. Restarting has had no effect, and this is on a New Game, not an existing save file.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Stand downhill from a mineable rock, metal node, or coal node, directly in the path of the ‘debris’.
  2. Mine the node with any tool, causing the rubble to fall onto the player, killing the player via “Falling through the world”.
  3. This also works when standing atop a rock and mining whilst looking downwards, causing the character to fall into the rock when it breaks. This is also true with the ‘chips’ that come off of the rock as you mine, if it is big enough.


  1. Using a rock nose as the example, slay a rock nose, whilst standing directly under or closely beside the body ragdoll.
  2. Character is killed via “Falling through the world”. This is less consistent than the rocks above.

I have uploaded 3 videos, does what you see in the videos happen to you?

Look at “Major Gaming Problem” 123

A bullet list helps, if you were wondering.

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Thanks for that. Didn’t know how to do bullet list on my phone.


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Ah thanks, I’ll remember that, much appreciated :+1:

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