[GER/EN] Ketzer & Hetzer PvE-C

In a small group we decided to switch to a PvE conflict server.
Furthermore, every player or streamer is invited to participate on the server Ketzer & Hetzer.

Game server: [GER/EN] Ketzer & Hetzer PvE-C [Start 21/08]

Don’t be stupid and don’t try bug using etc.
No building around story relevant things/recipes/world bosses/belisks/resources.
PvP is always allowed in the free world. So look behind you occasionally!
PvP building damage is temporary (Sat. 15:00 to Sun. 22:00) and only allowed if someone from the opposing clan is online.
Going offline will not save you from the raid!
At the start and for newcomers there are 4 days raid protection.

Pippi - User & Server Management
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped!
Faster Elevator
Northern Timber

Server settings:
Maximum clan size: 4 players
Open-Wold PVP always on
No damage to enemy buildings outside the times
Sandstorm active
Voice chat enabled
EP & Resources Rate x2
Logged out players do not leave the world
Equipment is dropped at death
Anyone may loot corpses
Purge activated as of 1 player
Server restart at 03:00 + 15:00 (CEST (UTC +02:00, Berlin)

You can find the latest updates and news on our Discord!
Stay peaceful and think with a clear mind!
If you have any further questions, we are available in the game and on the Discord!

Server started 21.08.2020

With babarian greetings