Get it together, Unplayable game

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Dafuq are you on aboot? You are using the dedicated server launcher to host your own server and you are having issues?

We have a diametrically opposed experience with this game.

The seller is a force of nature you got to cope with. Do not get spoiled by the goodness of the workshop.

So yes a few annoyances:

  • the game locks up while checking for mods
  • if you have big mods, like Age of Calamitous, battleeye will time out if you don’t run from SSDs
  • on every one patch you have to expect your mods need total redesign. It may take a few weeks and sometimes you have to do a server wipe.
  • Siptah is under development. Mind you are buying early access, so do expect server wipes here.
  • Conan doesn’t allow multiple maps like Minecraft multiverse. You go with Siptah, or you don’t.