Get rid of intro


Does anyone know a way to remove the intro when u first start up the game? Whenever i start it up with mods i cant skip the long annoying intro like i can when i start it regular.

  • open the folder you’ve installed Conan Exiles.

  • Navigate through to “Conan Exiles/ConanSndbox/Config/”

  • backup your “DefaultGame.ini”

  • open “DefaultGame.ini” with a texteditor.

  • search for “[/Script/MoviePlayer.MoviePlayerSettings]”

  • you will see something like that:


  • for every Intro you don’t want, change the “+” in a “-”

  • save and start the game


Thank you so much for that, both nvidia and ue4 presenting logos seems to freeze for some seconds even when I hit esc like Shadoza said.

I always thought it was my pc, good to know there’s a workaround.

On PC (but I’ven’t any installed mods) I just skip the intro with left click of the mouse.

Anyway there’s a first loading phase when you start the game while it’s impossible to skip just because… well… it’s loading (on PC on left bottom of the screen in that phase you’ll see the big dots the game also show when you connect to a server).

I play CE on different PCs because often in the week end I’m at my parents home, the lenght of that phase is related to the hardware: it’s a lot longer (8-10 secs) on my old PC at my parents home and just 1-2 seconds on my home PC, even if my parents have a better internet connection than me (but my PC is more powerful :wink: )

And yes, trying to skip while it’s loading it’s not a good idea because it slows even worse that starting loading phase :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

What I really wish is to get rid of that ad for new game plastered on loading screen.

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