Getting disconnect 10 times Or more

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [all]

Getting disconnect in any place, it’s have been all the time I can’t walk, I can’t run, I can’t teleport…

Xbox one X
External SSD
Tried to reinstall the game but the issue continues
The downloaded version of the game
Connected by cable (wired)
Internet speed 200mb down 100mb up FIBER
I get problems at any server…
Just Conan has problems all other my games are working perfectly

Steps on how to reproduce the issue:

  1. start the game on offline mode
  2. try to connect at any server
  3. so get disconnected
  4. Disconnect
  5. If I keep trying it works after some times(5 at least), but after some time plays it happens again and go on…


Hello @vanch, thank you for reaching out!

Is your console connected through wireless or wired?

Do you have issues on a specific server or any server you join? Official or private?

Do other games also behave similarly when playing online?

This same issue happens to me. Same setup as the guy above, but an external HDD. It’s making the game unplayable. I lose more materials to frequent disconnects than to other players. I have no issues with other games, I play on the official PvP server 2734.
It doesn’t always happen, but it seems like if it starts happening, it will let me log in for about 10 seconds and then crash back to the home screen. It is, in my opinion the worst thing about Conan, and the most likely to make me lose interest.
I have a friend I play with on the same server and he also experiences the same thing. It probably happens to more people that just don’t report it. I’ve dealt with it for weeks before now, but I’m frustrated to the point of quitting the game, so now I’m reporting it.


it’s worth a shot, hopefully it helps

This is something happening to my clan and myself too. It isn’t the normal work around single player. I have an Xbox x hard wired and Xbox s wireless. More issues with the x than the s. I have not been able to play since the day before yesterday…

Vanch if you are wired disconnect it and switch to wireless. I have been fighting this problem for the last 36 hours. Just did that and now no issues. I got the can’t connect the first time and tried again and I connected and stayed on for an hour before I had to log for work. Let me know if this helps you!

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Update! After getting back from work I logged in and the same problem. So i plugged in net cable launched, could not connect, logged in again and then 1 minute later lost connection. Disconnected the net cable closed conan relaunched, failed to connect, tried again and connected crashed to desktop…launched again and no problems… suspect the problem is with the alt Mac addresses. So solution seems to be disconnect and reconnect the net cable going from wired to wireless. If this solution helps any one let me know. Would love to know if this is working or if it is just voodoo

HI Oides thanks for the tips I will try it tomorrow.
I just keep trying until game stabilizes, but the “disconnect” can occur at any moment again, so restart the loop keep trying again…

Hi @hugo I have updated the topic with the information.

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I have had this issue the past couple of days as well, but on my own private server. Last night, I kept getting pending connection failure. I reset server and Xbox, kept trying and was able to login after a few more tries.

It was back this evening, I reset server and Xbox, but also unplugged the network cord, and was able to join right away.

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This is still happening, it’s worse than ever. On a number of official servers in the browser, it shows the ping as 9999. Most servers look fine though. Funcom, it looks like you are either having a router issue, or maybe getting a DDOS attack on certain IPs. It certainly seems network related. When I am able to get into the game, which is rare, I’ll know that it’s about to disconnect because I won’t be able to see loot containers, and if I look at my character, my thirst and hunger will be at 100, then I wait about 10 seconds and I get dropped again. I believe the servers are fine. Don’t just look at the servers and assume it’s not your issue. Please check out the network. Please…

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This has happened on xbox since forever. You absolutely have to log into single player before atempting to log online. The only exception is if you dont close Conan Exiles, ie, you only play Conan Exiles since you last played it. Otherwise, open single player, load game, exit to menu and then log online.

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Works everytime.

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I do it since forever… but I continue to get DISCONNECT…
This workaround helps to play but do not help with my problem, the game get DISCONNECT at any time any place, sometimes at my base, sometimes at the obelisk and etc… not only at the first login

@vanch would it be possible for you to share a recording of the issue occurring?

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