Getting encumbered causes camera issues

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Region: oc

Hi 90% of the time when I go over the camera starts to feel loose, turning with left stick causes camera to sway, or flip flop.
Only thing I can do to resolve is unloading at 1st convenient spot exit to server and re enter world.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Coyal, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please share additional information regarding this issue, perhaps even a video of the camera behavior?

Does it only occur when your character is encumbered?

Was same day bodies were disappearing maybe bad server day.

OK here we go part of loose control/camera

I tried to get video when person moving left right with left stick only but couldn’t see difference much in playback. I’ll try and post if get better example.

Thank you for sharing the videos with us, could you also provide the necessary steps to reproduce the issue so that we may attempt to replicate it on our end?

I play on ps4 pro with boost on, I play a bit so don’t know if it becomes a memory issue, but like main says its usually after/during being encumbered.

I’ve had this issue after remaining in first person view for long periods of time. I would say 3 - 5 minutes usually does it. Disconnecting and reconnecting usually fixes it.

Thank you for the additional details, we’ve registered the issue for the developers to look into.

Here’s a movement clip 1st is loose 2nd is after exiting and loading back in.

I tried to show the dot as guide.

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