Getting kicked out of game by menu button

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Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Bobby’s Fun Server

Bug Description:

While playing Conan Exiles when i go to click on my menu button (the start button with the 3 lines I am automatically kicked out of game. So i go to reload my game, the game loads and goes to the cut scene, but you cannot skip the cut scene, and then the screen goes black with 3 little circles in the bottom left-hand corner. The circles look they are waiting for something to load and to continue the game but it never does it just sits there doing nothing. The i have to quit out of the game and reload my game for a second time and then the game loads right to the main menu. the problems here are getting kicked and the screen just sitting not loading anything and allowing the game to continue. This bug started the day the new Sorcerers expansion was released and updated and has been going on currently.

Bug Reproduction:

while in game press the top right hand small black button on your controller known as the start button, (the menu button, the button with the 3 lines on it) After pressing this button on my controller the game kick you out back to the xbox dashboard where you have to click on the games icon to restart the game.

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