Getting Killed no matter where my Character is

Aren’t there suppose to be Safe Zones in AO, RB2019, like Entertainment area, and such?

It seems like my character is getting killed no matter where he is, including in the shops. Tonight I was in a shop making a purchase, or trying to, and all of a sudden he was killed.

you cannot die in grid

What profession is the character? You may have an offensive aura active that means you are picking up a PvP flag.

I have had moments where I was attacked by another player somehow. One instance was where I was standing at OA grid, I am on my enforcer, doing nothing. Let me clarify by what nothing is, self buffed, no auras, not buffing anyone, not clicking anything, not looking at anything, not hitting my keyboard, I am literally AFK/alt tabbed at OA grid. I was also doing nothing prior to going AFK at OA grid, I wasn’t fighting guards, mobs, leets, see the previous sentence on the clarification of nothing. Then I hear audio of me being attacked so I alt tab back wondering WTF and sure enough I am being attacked by another player.

The chance that this person used an alien probe on me is highly unlikely. Why waste something like that (that is if anyone still has any) on something so unimportant.

A similar thing happened prior to this experience but I was AFK the entire time and when I came back I looked at logs and noticed I was attacked at some point so I cant confirm or deny that I may have done something prior to AFKing. However, I am leaning more towards that someone exploited both of these times to flag other players, ideally AFK players, to get an easy kill.

Clear your NCU prior to entering town. Enable chat logging and review the logs if you get ganked while in 75% gas regions. PVP loser-griefers are always looking for easy targets - don’t give them the chance.This is how people get PVP titles - rarely do those titles come to them honestly.

I can tell you I never once got attacked if I took the time to clear combat auras, speeches and pulses.But to be sure, just wipe your ncu clean.

or maybe you’re omni?

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