Getting Killed while Offline and Inside Tree Base After Raid Hours - Official #6150

Several times on this server we have had issues with logging back into the game and finding animals and clanmates dead; killed while offline and safe inside the base. Attached is a screenshot of the times my T3 Archer and Horse (Beauty) were killed, both of which was after Raid Times (at 1:02 AM and 1:05 AM, EST)

The only thing I’ve seen that can do this is exploiting poison arrow clouds. Which is not supposed to work after raid time on Thralls!! Please fix this major issue as our server is being ruined by these exploiting trolls. Clearly Poison Arrows are not working correctly. Would rather not have them then deal with decaying lootbags every day. I even got to the point of putting everything in chests when logging out, but I can’t put Thralls or Mounts up.

P.S. Could not attach screenshot yet because I just made Forum Account. Have 800 hours in the game though.
Exploiter - Susan (Set Inquisition)
Server - Official #6150
Time - 1:02am EST

raid time is 9pm-3am est
-filthy casual

This time I do not agree.

Using poison arrows outside raid time to kill players inside a base is not an exploit. You can do it.

Build better and put your inventory in a chest before log off. Put gas mask on thralls too.

Check raid times on your server, poison arrows do not work on thralls and animals after raid time (or it is a new bug!).

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