Getting lag, stutters and a horrible experience while playing conan exiles

So, I bought the game on the date: 29.11.2019 with other friends because we wanted to start a new adventure BUT the fps on my rig is below my expectations (and they were low). I get around 45-50 fps while im near the river in the starting area.
I want to say that I literally watched every video and post on the internet in order to resolve the lags, stutters and well… none of them had a decent impact on my game.
My pc:
-Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb
-I5 6600 3.2 Ghz (non-K variant)
-8Gb RAM 2133 Mhz
-Seagate HDD 7200 RPM 1Tb
-Win 10 Pro version
I come here with the last hope that I will get some help in order to run the game decently because I really love the concept and the theme of this title but, its simply not enjoyable when games like GTA 5 run smoothly at med-high settings and this game barely gets 50 fps on lowest settings.

Thank you in advance

You’ve already got an answer on reddit but my guess is that the fact that you run the game on HDD is your biggest bottleneck followed by RAM.

Your experience may also depend on where you are playing. Are you observing the same performance issues in singleplayer?

Furthermore, comparing the recommended system for both games, it appears to me that GTA V has lower requirements.

While playing on singleplayer I have more lag. I think because I host my server…idk.

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