Getting really tired of not finding my dead body for various reasons (not of which is inability to get to death point)

At least 5 times in the last week I’ve had a body with a fair amount of stuff just disappear. The latest one was dying in a cimmerian hut while getting overwhelmed. No worries, I run back, no body to be found.

Then I died while trying to get back in on top of the building (with new weps, etc.). When I went back to my exact point of death, there was no body to be found.

I tried logging out, I tried moving to a new area so it would re-render. None of them work - but more importantly I shouldn’t even have to do these things!

Please please please continue to improve this system. It is incredibly frustrating. I don’t mind if I get looted by a player, or die in say, lava, and I can’t get my body back. But in these and many other situations I should have NO ISSUE finding my body and picking it up.

Thank you for reading this topic and continuing to improve this mechanic.