Getting Thralls is too hard

Like i’ve not seen a single person with any thrall above Level I working on work benches. What the deal?

Granted getting a Good Thrall was too Easy on the Exiled Lands, but here Thralls are Trash, Nobody uses them for followers, Greater Pets are easier to get and more durable.

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We have a bunch of T3 thralls so does other players on our server and our Fighter thrall are way better than the greater animal we used when we first started on that new map. To get them just go in the maelstrom with a saber or a similar animal and kill those monsters then from one of the working leylines you can summon some thralls!

And all my server keeps getting is teir 1s dropping

This is part of what Siptah unique from other maps, and many players actually enjoy. Thralls were TOO easy to get on Exiled Lands, and it ruined the economy. Trading wasn’t ever really done, and T1-3 thralls were completely ignored.

Siptah isn’t meant to be Exiled Lands 2: Eletric boogaloo, its supposed to offer a new experience.


Like i said you need to summon a surge at the leyline and not the cheap surge those are worthless use 500 unstables

IMO the siptah experience offers the grind and attrition of Ark, without decent AI, or decent rewards.

In Ark when you grind, you get. If you grind for a dino (grind mats to tame one) you can tame that dino. In conan if you grind for mats to do a leyshrine summon, you don’t necessarily get anything you want.

The AI in Conan: Exiles is dumb. as. bricks. It’s been that way since Day 1. I would love for them to improve the AI. That in itself would be great.

So I don’t mind grinding that much, but I want it to be this way: If I grind, I get. There can be some RNG involved but I never want RNG to break the: I grind == I get formula.

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Are you summoning surges at a Leyshrine? If so, how much chaos are you putting in the altar? Is it a private or an official server?

I mean if you want to compare it with Ark, Ark is RNG x1000. The placement of Dinos, where they spawn, how they spawn, What level. What might kill it while its sleeping.

Tbh I don’t think its fair to compare Ark and Conan. Completely different style of games with a similiar Genre.

You grind for Player summoned Surges, and you get a player summoned surge that has a chance for the Thrall you want. That’s no more RNG than anything else. At least its not loot crates lol.

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Yeah but when you find it, you find it. Thats part of the gameplay that makes Ark interesting: is going around and hunting for what you want. Conan had a lot of that exact same gameplay, in the form of going around the Exiled lands and searching the thrall camps for the thrall you want with the right “level” etc.So Conan absolutely DID have a lot of the same RNG with thrall spawns that Ark would have with Dino spawns.

Unlike Ark, somebody could steal your thrall out from under you while its in your wheel, something that cant happen in ark. Nobody can steal the thing you worked for. They can only kill it.

The games are very similar IMO, and it is fair to compare them.

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Unlike Ark, somebody could steal your thrall out from under you while its in your wheel, something that cant happen in ark. Nobody can steal the thing you worked for. They can only kill it.

I guess you haven’t played awhile. You can steal dinos with Cryopods. Like Pokemon. Its actually way worse than conan for stealing tames. You watch someone with a high level dino, wait for them to crypod it, quickly kill them, and their Dino is now yours forever.

The reason why I say its not fair to compare them, is Ark is a Taming game, with some Exploring and “dungeon” if you can call it that, elements.

Where as Conan is a Exploring/Dungeon Game, with some Taming elements.

Two different big focuses. I play both. I ran out of Content for Ark, and so I moved to Conan till there’s more Ark content.

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I think there ought to be a server setting for “maximum crafting thrall level” from wild surges. For smaller servers, it’s just not practical to handle the quantity of thralls that aggro from the leyshrines, and you can’t separate out the Champions you can’t KO from the thralls you can.

If you have a lot of people that’s another matter, but if it’s just you and a friend or two, it doesn’t really work, and it’s the only way to get better than t1 crafting thralls.

It costs 11 decayed eldarium placed in the surge harvester for each thrall you can KO.

Do it before you summon the surge. Place some decayed eldarium there and when you see a wave with a thrall you would want, pull the lever at the summoning pedestal. (Where you just placed the eldarium at the start.)

Instant KO on every capturable thrall. Have a rope ready, get to the one you want and run outta there.

No need to separate them if you plan in advance, but… yeah, this works more on single player than servers since anyone can do this as well and steal your thralls.

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did it 5 times not one named crafting thrall only lvl 1-3 so 2500 unstables I got zip named crafting thralls well one dancer and several named fighters.

Its not so much as it being difficult its just that the ratio is catered to being stupid grindy, it was much easier and perhaps too easy on EL but this new map still needs work to be more balanced depending on your play style, effort, and reward ratio. There needs to be a bit more certainty for what a major effort is worth.


Nailed it, but that is also why we are on this forum to give the feedback.

As someone who’s been able to solo the Age of Calamitous thrall camps using vanilla thralls and equipment. This isn’t true.

Use thralls with Truncheons. And then use a weapon that doesn’t have wide sweeps to take on the stuff yourself they cannot knockout. You can get fighter IIIs from wild surges, then just throw on the heaviest armor you can make.

They’ll go through the groups so quickly it’ll feel like you’re cheating.

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